RVA // Weekend No. 1

Hello Hi. Happy Tuesday. Hope everyone had a great weekend & the week is off to a wonderful start!  I landed back in CLT yesterday afternoon after a super fun weekend, soaking up every. single. moment. visiting my love in RVA.

This was the first of many weekends (hence, the title of this post) from now until November, as Richmond is currently home for Adam while he is filming the movie, Loving.

As hard as it is to be apart, A and I are super tight, always in touch with each other (he is an absolute GEM about communicating & staying in touch while he travels. I can’t tell how sweet & amazing this is) and these every other, long weekends will hopefully help the next 4 months blow right by… (hopefully).

So, since this is home…our weekend wasn’t much different than it would be here in CLT… But, ya know, in a different city. lol Our weekend was full of everything we love to do together…
Long walks, we got in a killer workout on Saturday afternoon, a little sun by the pool & super yum dinners & cocktails either on our own or with friends at night. Richmond is full of awesome walk/run/bike trails & paths, pedestrian bridges, super cute, local markets, coffee shops & rad restaurants.

 After a quick 40 minute flight, I excitedly arrived in RVA about 4pm on Friday afternoon to have Adam scoop me up from the airport. And so our weekend began… sharing snapshots from our lovely RVA weekend! xx

Much Love,

From the airport we headed straight to Lamplighter Roasting Co. for a quick & lite bite…

Next stop…Shields, a super cute, local market, to pick up a few fun provisions. They had this crazy good local Kombucha on tap. After sampling a couple, I fell in LOVE with the “Bluegrass ‘Bucha” a totally yummy Blueberry flavored ‘Bucha. You can fill up a bottle to take with you, which we definitely did!

From here, we headed home to change and head out on a long walk. We were out for about 1.45 minutes, walking all along the James River (so beautiful, btw!) and over the Belle Isle Pedestrian Bridge. I’ve always had this thing for bridges since I’ve been a kid so naturally, I fell in love with this bridge suspended high above the James River!

Finally back home, both hot sweaty messes… we relaxed, took showers and headed out for a late dinner at Heritage. First night, just simply enjoyed the night with my babe sans the phone or camera. Sorry, no photos 🙁 next time, tho!

Saturday morning, we slept until 11am! what!? yes! haha lounged around, went down the the gym in his condo complex for an awesome 1.5 hour workout of cardio + strength training. Quick rinse, and then down to the pool for a bit before we ran a couple errands — picked up A’s dry-cleaning grabbed a latte at one of the many Lamplighter locations, then we wanted to check out Ellwood Thompson’s – another local market Adam had heard good things about. We got a bunch of yummies + a green smoothie to share…

6.45 pm celebrations
showers, sips & noshes while getting ready to meet friends for dinner at The Magpie


Sunday was more sleeping in, leisurely morning of coffee, smoothies + a long walk down the James in the opposite direction from Friday’s exploring. This walk lead us partially down the the TrailHead until we made our way to the Boathouse restaurant for a little lunch + just one Sunday  Funday cocktail and an Uber ride back home. haha

these sweet little boats take you for a little ride along the canal…

An afternoon nap + showers to get ready to meet the Film Fam at the producers place for drinks & light snacks for a couple hours. Afterwards, Adam and I had dinner at Lemaire inside The Jefferson Hotel for our last night together…

the most gorgeous summer evening & sunset from the balcony at his producers place…..

amazing watermelon + goat cheese salad

Monday morning was lots of kisses & tough goodbyes before I was off to the airport…

this Pure bar (one of the very few I’ll eat) + an apple for a little snack on the plane..

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