Sam I am ….

G’Morning lovelies. Droppin’ in to share my Lean & Green Brekkie this am…I just love mornings & breakfast. It sets the tone for the rest of my day and gives me the energy I need for whatever I have on tap. Yesterday was a pretty high carb day that started with a yummy, cozy bowl of PB & Banana Oats so this mornings breakfast was on the lighter side…

Green Smoothie + Green Tea + Eggs
I am feeling good about the fact that I had just one cup of coffee rather than my standard 2 and made the switch to a nice, cleansing cup of green tea + lemon, instead.

Sam I am - Dr. Seuess

Just a little silliness…I mean, who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? 🙂 this would be my modern take on Dr. Seuss’ version…minus the ham, of course

Lean & Green Breakfast - LS

Green Smoothie + Scrambled Eggs

Cucumber + Banana Green Smoothie

Cucumber + Banana Green Smoothie

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