Satur-DAY…To Night

Saturday Style – From Day to Night

This past Saturday was kinda perfect! First off, simply happy to be home in Charlotte this weekend. Back in the groove with yoga — 3rd practice this week, had a super productive day and a fun night out with friends. Life IS good. Yoga, gym sesh, business meeting & lunch. Got to spend some sweet time with my mom, niece & nephew and then out for Saturday night with the girls. 2 work outs, 3 showers and 4 outfits later… here’s the Saturday play by play.

Red & Yellow Lulu Lemon

745, wakey wakey…coffee, banana and out the door to catch the 915 yoga class at Y2. Super hot! So. Much. Sweat.  Felt amazing. Love it. Best way to start the day. I was feeling my red Lulu Wunder Unders. Paired it up with a bright yellow tank. It was SO chilly out Saturday morning…buh-bye flip flops, hello Uggs.

Apple, Goji Berry, Apricot Fall Oatmeal

Massive bowl of oatmeal after yoga with small gala apple, Goji berries & dried apricots – NomNoms. Hit the spot. My body was craving some carbs after yoga.

Let this digest a bit, did some online stuff and then over to the Y to motor thru some cardio. Treadmill: 15 minutes at 4.2/10 Incline
Stair master: 20 minutes. Alternating single & double steps at level 9-13. Legs…smoked.

Pink & Blue Lulu Combo

quick selfie before running out of the Y. Love this bright color combo – Hot Pink & Cornflower Blue. So pretty together.

Ran home for a quick rinse and threw on this cute & easy outfit. Hair was a hot mess so decided a fishtail braid & a beanie would be the perfect, no fuss way to get out the door on time.


Button Down: Club Monaco.
Hat: Urban Outfitters.
Jeans: Guess.
Boots: Rag&Bone

Saturday Casual

I’m so lucky & grateful to have my mom working with me for part of my new business venture, so she was a part of my work stuff all afternoon. She was keeping my niece & nephew for the weekend so they came along for our meeting since it was just a casual meet up to look at a building in the South End neighborhood.

Grabbed a quick bite to eat after our meeting, some more running around, took the kids got ice cream, we got coffee and then finally I got back home just in time to shower and get ready for a fun night out with good friends.

You know how sometimes you just KNOW its going to be a great night?! Well, Saturday was one of those nights. 1) I feel like I hadn’t been out out in Charlotte in months. 2) We had a great group heading out together.

Being a total girl, I couldn’t wait to blow out my hair, do my make up and wear my new DVF dress that I scooped up on sale earlier in the week! Marked down twice + extra 30% off – I’ll take it!! This dress was so fun to wear with the black, lacy sleeves & back. Perfect combination of classy & sexy. Wore this dress with black tights &  black suede booties!  I did up my eyes a little heavier than usual — lining them in black (top & bottom) with brown shadow on my lids. I really like the combo of black and brown together for a sexy, smokey eye but still not too heavy. Really makes brown eyes pop 🙂

DVF Dress

Dinner at Baku — food was outstanding, really. We ordered up a ton of dishes for the table to share. This really is the first time I’ve enjoyed a full  meal at Baku since they’ve opened. Every other time, we are usually just popping in for a drink before/after eating somewhere else. Even at my birthday dinner, I was too busy chatting it up with everyone, I barely ate.

Baku Filet of Beef

Baku Artichokes

Spicy Filet of Beef w/ black pepper sesame sauce. This was seriously amazing! The meat was so tender.  These Baby Artichokes were adorable & delicious.

Baku Sushi Roll

Baku Roasted Eggplant Salad

Roasted Eggplant & Heirloom Tomato Salad w/ Cucumber & Daikon on top – I could have had a second order of this, not kidding. We all shared this yummy sushi roll.

Baku Tempura Vegetables

Baku Salad

Baku Salad & Crispy Tempura Vegetables with a spicy dipping sauce.

From here, out downtown to Oak Room &  X Nightclub. Tons of fun, dancing, laughing til your stomach hurts Aaaaand somehow found our way to IHOP at 3am. Couldn’t tell you the last time I did this. YOLO – Good times, good friends ….that’s what life is all about!

Much Love,


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