Saturday was just a really beautiful day of yoga, family, friends and a little Bobcats basketball! The day began as always with coffee & green tea (my new favorite for glowing skin), light brek of fruit and then off to a beautiful, late morning yoga practice. My first practice in about two weeks because of traveling and I just didn’t make it to class during my work week. Class was with the incredible Mara Healy at Enlighten Yoga. I so needed this class in so many ways — physically, mentally & emotionally. My body has been aching from the combo of tough workouts & no yoga + I had been feeling a little anxious throughout the week.

My Saturday routine for the last several weeks has been 1.5 hours of ass kicking yoga fusion which I absolutely LOVE and totally wanted to take but instead, I forced myself to take it easy and do something that would be a little easier on my body. Après yoga..  home to shower, a little smoothie action and head up to my sisters house to spend the day with my family. Fun, relaxing day around the house with my niece & nephew that involved a little arts-n-crafts. Sweet moments. Packed a bag so I could quickly change at my sisters and head out to catch the Bobcats vs. The Spurs game with one of my best gals. Good game but we lost in the end, 104-100. Poop! We wrapped up our night at Ed’s Tavern eating chicken fingers & these crazy good homemade potato chips!! Noms. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Much Love,

Lauren Schwaiger - Mara Healy - Enlighten Yoga

Cherry, Banana Green Smoothie

Spinach & Hard Boiled Egg Salad

Made this little salad at my sisters house… Spinach, Chicken, Hard Boiled Egg, Chic Peas + little bit of this kale salad she had in the fridge. Couple hours later snacked on some fruit, nuts & a glass of wine before heading out.

Arts & Crafts

Me & my little guy – I made a puppy, he made a fish. Adorbs.

Arts n Crafts - Family Day

And the finished products…

Me & B

me & my sis

Totally loved my outfit for the night! Threw some of my favorite casual cool pieces together… Red Pants + White Tee + Faux Fur Vest

Lauren Schwaiger - Casual Cool Style

Lauren Schwaiger Style

CLT Bobcats

Lauren Schwaiger

What I’m Wearing:

Faux Leather, Red Skinnies: (old) Rich & Skinny
Faux Fur Vest: (old) Bevello Boutique (old)
White Tee: (new) Nordstrom Suede
Booties: Rag & Bone Belt: (new) Mango

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