Saturday // 10.25.14

An unconventional Saturday, in many ways…
No Power
No Yoga
Bad Coffee

Due to a wreck that happened in the area, in the middle of the night, we woke up about 7am to realize we had no power. Back to sleep for a bit, up for good at about 9am decided on no yoga fusion + the no power situation + no coffee we threw on some clothes and headed out to find some coffee & brekkie. 

Trying to go somewhere else besides Little Spoon, we landed at Toast of Dilworth which was disappointing, to say the least. The worst coffee I’ve had in a really long time, if not ever, and an omelette that was such a let down. Eeeeek, I must sound like such a brat writing this, but I’m so used to super fresh & healthy foods that when my plate was delivered swimming in butter I think my stomach turned. Yikes! Eating out can definitely be a struggle for me at times when going to a place like this. I picked at my food, we grabbed our check and headed over to Central Coffee to get an Almond Milk Latte. yay 

The rest of the day was spent running around town, we took over an hour walk (about 3 miles) all over the city and decided to spend the night in, make homemade chicken soup + a big salad & wine. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! xx

Much Love, 

happy girl to finally get my hands on some good coffee @CentralCoffee. 

picked up some really amazing, local greens + some meats at Atherton Mill Market. 

stop into Luna’s to pick up a few juices including this Zinger! 
Beet, Apple, Organic, Lemon & Ginger

we picked up these Jerusalem Artichokes, which could easily be mistaken for ginger, at the market. These slightly sweet & crunchy little things were a yummy addition to our salad. 

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