Saturday Girls Night + OOTN

Hello Hi & Happy Sunday night! Hope your weekend was happy, fun, active & relaxing all at the same time! 🙂 
I finally left my house last night for a fun night out with 2 of my best gals! We went to see & support a friend of ours who was dancing in a ballet here in Charlotte. Other than seeing The Rockettes in NYC (which was AMAZING!!) this was my first ballet experience and wow….it left me wanting to see more. Its so incredible how the dancers move their body — so beautiful, graceful & fluid. My girlfriend Rene, described a girl in one of the acts saying “it was as if her arms & legs weren’t attached to her body”. Adding to that, she seriously looked as if she was just floating on the stage — truly amazing. For me, It was really neat to see so many elements of yoga & pilates brought into the performances. 

I wore this little DVF number that I scored on sale at Neiman Marcus about a year or so ago! Its one of my faves, haven’t worn it since last winter and was happy to shimmy on into it last night! 🙂 

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