Saturday In The Park

Most of my Saturday afternoon was spent outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather in Freedom Park. First, a deep stretch class with Ashley + a few others to finish up our last little bit of Deep Stretch Yoga training from a few weeks back. Second, an unexpected Acro Yoga treat!! A man named Henry came over to our group as we were wrapping up with our practice asking if any of us did Acro Yoga and well, a few of us, myself included, wasted no time at the chance of some Acro playtime!Enjoy!! xx

Lauren Schwaiger - Fitness Fashion - LuluLemon

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Freedom Park, CLT, NC

it was so amazing to open my eyes after savasana and see this glorious view vs. the ceiling in a yoga studio. crystal blue skies x lush green trees x beautiful sunshine peeking thru… #happiness

Freedom Park - Charlotte, NC

Freedom Park, NC, CLT

Lauren Schwaiger - Fitness Fashion

This was only my second experience with Acro Yoga. My first being at Wunderlust in Austin, TX last year. This is such an incredible, liberating feeling. It takes so much trust and the ability to just let go and feel free as your base (Henry!) gives you direction and moves & flips you around.

Acro Yoga - Lauren Schwaiger

Lauren Schwaiger Yoga - Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga - Lauren Schwaiger

Acro Yoga - Lauren Schwaiger

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