Saturday Night In, Cooking With Friends

Instead of heading out last Saturday night, a few of my favorite people and I decided to stay in, drink wine, cook up a healthy dinner together and just chill out and watch a movie. Hanging out in the kitchen, music playing, cooking, sipping wine, talking & laughing with your best girls are the little things that bring love, calm & happiness into our lives — its therapeutic, really. 
The next morning, I sent my best gf a text to tell her what a great night it was and that we should do that more often. She couldn’t have agreed more! 
It was so nice to hang out with friends at home rather than out a loud & overly-crowded bar or restaurant. Especially since I just got back from LA, where my boyfriend and I ate out for 6 nights in row. 

We munched on a yummy tray of hummus & veggies (plus some cheese & salami, for the boys) lol while we were cooking up a delicious & nutritious meal of Sockeye Salmon & of course, I was in charge of making a giant salad! Rene also whipped up a ridiculous mushroom risotto which I had a super small portion of. YumNums!! 

Hope you had a great weekend with all the people you love! 🙂

P.S. We watch The Grand Budapest Hotel. Hysterical! 🙂

chop, chop chop
lettuce | celery | yellow pepper | tri-colored carrots
I’m crazy for these Tri-Colored Carrots from Trader Joe’s — the purple ones have this pretty, pale yellow color on the inside 🙂 

before feta…

after feta 🙂

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