Saturday Night Out: #ootd, girls night & the ballet

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your weekend was wonderful!
We had the most beautiful day here in CLT yesterday…the weather decided to act like Spring compared to the previous couple of days, warming up into the 70’s and mostly sunny.
I slept in a bit, woke up and made a yummy smoothie bowl that I tried to make really pretty but turned out to be a total fail and I definitely did not take a picture of it! lol
Yesterdays workout was 45 minutes of cardio at the Y + lots of stretching & a bit of handstand practice.
I’ve lifted 3x this week and was feeling sore from my Friday workout so I decided to just make it a cardio sesh – it was super sweaty & felt amazing! 🙂

One of my good friends, Pauline, had her ballet, Deux Femmes, at the Booth Playhouse last night and I can’t tell you how incredible it was!
1) Words cannot describe how proud I am of Pauline & to have such an amazing girlfriend! She not only performed in the show but choreographed the entire performance!
2) The whole ballet was this unbelievable display of strength, beauty, grace, athleticism, art & some serious girl power! There were 3 guys in the show for one Act but the rest of the performances were duets with girls + one solo. One Act in particular, Trust, took place, mainly, on a trapeze. The strength, balance, stability, stamina, etc…was so beautiful & beyond impressive! I wish all of you could have been there to see it. Women, truly are amazing!

Pauline is French, a Parisian, who lived, danced & taught dance in NYC, among other cities/countries, for 8 years and moved to CLT about 6 months ago. Her and I met in Pilates Reformer training, I befriended her and introduced her to my group of girlfriends and she’s just such an awesome girl & addition to our group! 🙂 All of the dancers are from Paris as well. 2 flew in for the show and the rest are currently living in NYC and flew in, too, obviously!

Since it was such a lovely night, we headed out to Fahrenheit for dinner & drinks & enjoy the rooftop after the show.
I drank too much proscecco, ate this giant salad/fiber party of shaved brussels sprouts for dinner. Brussels x Bubbles led to one bloated belly by the end of the night! haha and an awesome night with great friends! xx

Much Love,

I curled my hair for the first time in months and loved it! There’s just something about loose waves in your hair that make you feel so lovely. 🙂

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