Saturday Salad | Chopped Romaine Salad + Chicken & Kümmel Seeds

After yesterday afternoon’s workout, I quickly popped into the store to grab a few things…latest issue of PORTER?! Yessss. then hurried home all starvin marvin to make this giant
Chopped Romaine Salad with Chicken & Kümmel Seed. 

One thing that makes this salad SO amazingly good for you is the giant base of Romaine Lettuce! Years ago, I used to think that Romaine was the least nutritionally packed…but, little did I know, its actually one of THE healthiest greens you can be feeding yourself! Romaine is super-low in calories and a major health & beauty player…loaded with Vitamin A for healthy, gorgeous skin, hair & nails, B Vitamins + Iron & Calcium. Lastly, Romaine is full of protein — about 8 grams per head + contains all 9 essential Amino Acids.  

I used nearly a whole head of Romaine + 1/2 organic english cucumber. 
Both are high water content foods to help cleanse & slim. 
Eat up! 😉

So what are those little dark brown pieces sprinkled all over this salad?
My family & I call them Kümmel seed, but in English they are called Caraway Seeds. I grew up seeing & eating this super healthy herb because it’s a super popular staple in European dishes. My dad & Oma have always added Kümmel seeds into their Krautsalat, giving it a slightly peppery flavor without having to add pepper. Kümmel or Caraway seeds, are in the same family as spices like cumin & fennel and have a pretty pungent flavor. I guess either your a fan of them or not. I happen to love them! And of course you know I love them even more because of their health benefits. 
Kümmel seeds are a great source of fiber, containing both soluable & insoluble fiber which helps to speed up the movement of food thru the gut and ya know…help you poop!
 They are also full of Vitamins A, E, C & B & Minerals Iron, Magnesium Calcium, Potassium & Zinc, to name a few. 

So the rest is obvious, a little tomato + grilled chicken on top for that needed protein after a killer workout. As always, the dressing is clean & simple…
– 1 tablepsoon organic avocado oil
– 1/2 organic lemon, juiced
– tiny pinch of sea salt
PS: adding either Avocado Oil OR Avocado to your food helps with nutrient absorption + gives you that dose of so-good-for-you fats! 

Give everything a good toss before adding your chicken on top & enjoy! This salad was so yum & satisfying. I know I always say that, but seriously tho… 


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