Saturday Shopping / 5.9.15

After my workout yesterday, I 1) made my way to Whole Foods to eat…I was starving 2) did some much needed grocery shopping to load up the fridge with all of my favorite leafy greens, fruits, veggies & superfoods that keep me and my babe fueled throughout the week! The fridge was Be-Yond empty after a week that was just kinda all over the place…
Weekend getaway in Raleigh at The Umstead and not coming home until just before work on  Monday morning + a busy day and Take Out Indian Food for dinner | Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo, I was actually in the mood for a [GOOD] Marg – like a fresh squeezed, sans nasty sour mix – Margarita. Apparently everyone had the same idea (crazy, right!?) so, that didn’t happen and we winded up eating at Bricktops instead | Weds, my babe had to fly out to LA for a few days of work – he was originally leaving on Thursday but the flight times on Thursday were so poopy that he had to leave on Weds evening instead…which was the perfect opportunity to go spend some time with my parents and eat dinner with them Thursday night was spent blogging and chillin’ out at Rhino Market after a late workout Friday night was dinner & drinks out with friends…
I can’t remember the last time I had a week where I didn’t cook at home not even once! Yikes!! So by the time Saturday rolled around, I desperately needed to do some grocery shopping!

I grabbed some of my fave juices & tonics that were on sale at Whole Foods. Otherwise, I definitely would not be buying this many! The only other thing I bought at Whole Foods were my raw pepitas & sunflower seeds. I do the bulk of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s & Earth Fare. WF’s is pretty much saved for specialty items or if we are making a special recipe one night. Its just too expensive to do ALL my shopping there. TJ has such great prices & products and I just love shopping there! 

Any way, this is what I loaded up on for this week! Hope it instills some inspiration for your next trip to the market! xx

Much Love, 

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