Saturday Smoothie + Sweat Sesh // 8.29.15

Hey Hey!
Happy Saturday, FitBabes! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.
Quick post to share today’s sweat sesh + post workout smoothie!

Strawberry Banana Vanilla Smoothie

Unsweentend Vanilla Almond Milk. 1 cup
frozen banana. 1.5
fresh organic strawberries. 1 cup
maca powder. 1 teaspoon (optional)
cinnamon. few shakes
unsweetened organic coconut flakes. 2 teaspoons (optional)
Vanilla Vega Sport Performance Protein. 1 packet

I’m currently on a mission to find a new protein powder to use & more importantly, actually stick with! Plant based protein powders are hard to find without that chalky texture. Vega is pretty much the front runner, atm. Furthermore, I’m hoping this Sport Performance protein is all that it says it is! My recovery has been a bit less than par lately and I’m hoping this protein, loaded with BCAA’s will help do the trick!
Many brands offer these fabulous single serve packets. DO take advantage of these little protein pouches, they are totally awesome for:
– testing out a new brand of protein
– protein shakes on the go


Precore AMT. 30 minutes

Barbell Flat Bench Press. 25 x 3
Single Leg Deadlifts. 15 x 3 (each leg)
Lying DB Tricpes Extensions. 20 x 3
Squat, Snatch. Press. 20 x 3 (10 reps each side)
Underhand, Close Grip Pulldowns. 25 x 3
Mountain Climbers. 30 seconds x 3

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening & enjoy your Sunday! xx

Much Love,


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