Saturday Smoothie + Sweat Sesh // 8.8.15

Hello Hello! Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a fun weekend!
Sharing this so-delicious smoothie that I whipped up before my workout yesterday.

This smoothie seriously tasted like a Chocolate Milkshake! And the cacao nibs lent it this yummy crunchiness, reminiscent of the chocolate crunchies inside a Carvel Ice-cream Cake. OMG! Who know’s what I’m talking about!? haha The little bit of coffee, never mind the 2 cups I already had beforehand, gave me so. much. energy. I had such an awesome workout! 

coffee. 4 oz. 
unsweetned vanilla almond milk. 4 oz.
1 frozen banana
cacao powder. 1 tablespoon
cacao nibs. 1 tablespoon
cinnamon. a couple shakes.
Garden of Life RAW vanilla protein powder. 1 scoop 
Topped off with extra nibs! 

Omit coffee if you like & just add more milk! 🙂 



BEFORE WEIGHTS // Precore AMT. 20 minutes.
AFTER WEIGHTS // Treadmill. 30 minutes
15 minutes/1 mile.  INCLINE. toggled between 8-15 / SPEED. 4.0-4.2
+ 60 sec sprint/60 sec walk for 15 minutes

Underhand Pulldowns. 20 x 3
Decline Sit Ups + Twist. 15 x 3
Seated, Close Grip Rows (using a rope attachment) 20 x 3
Hanging Leg Raises (low abs) 10 x 3

Enjoy the day, much love!! xx

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