Saturday Sweat + Superfoods Bowls + Apres Sweat Salad // 10.24.15

Hello loves! Happy Sunday! I’m here in RVA with my love and wanted to share yesterday’s sweat sesh + these scrumdiddlyumptious superfoods bowls I put together for breakfast + our après sweat salads! Hope everyone’s weekend is full of all things wonderful!! Thanks for stopping in! xx

Much Love,

these bowls were all kindsa yum!!
3 tablespoons of chia seeds soaked in unsweetened vanilla almond milk + about 3 tablespoons plain goat yogurt topped off with organic strawberries / tablespoon organic crunchy PB / tablespoon hemp seeds / raw Austrian pepitas / and these crazy good dark chocolate covered coconut pieces I found at the market here in RVA


Treadmill. 30 minutes / 2 mile incline power walk

3 rounds / no rest in between exercises / 60 sec rest at the end of each round

seated hammer curl + neutral shoulder press combo: 15 reps
seated underhand lat pulldowns: 20 reps
sit ups: 20 reps
alternating front lunge + front shoulder raise combo: 10 reps legs / 20 reps shoulder raises
unilateral underhand triceps pulldown: 20 x 3

This was my first good workout in 2 weeks and it felt so good to get a good sweat going and just feel strong! This cold/sinus infection has kicked my ass for the last 2 weeks and not being able to workout like I normally do really gets to me and starts to get my down. I didn’t push it on the cardio & just walked bc I’m still not feeling 100% myself.

For the front lunge/shoulder raise combo, lunge forward, landing your weight in that front heel, dumbbells stay by your side. Big, strong push out of that front heel to push yourself back to start position as you lift your dumbbells in front of you to shoulder level & lock those abs in tightly. Repeat on other side.

perfect recovery salad full of veggies, protein & healthy fats.
mixed greens + tomatoes + cucumber + pepitas / roasted chicken & half an avocado
dressing, as always, is simply olive oil sea salt & pepper

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