Scenes from the Weekend / Mother’s Day 2016 + The Parents Meet

Hi loves! Hope everyone had an amazing & beautiful Mother’s Day weekend celebrating all the amazing women in your life! We had a pretty perfect weekend over here. The weather was so gorgeous here in Charlotte, which made the special weekend that much better!

Adam’s parents came into town on Saturday afternoon to spend Mother’s Day weekend here with us + meet my parents! Well, the whole family actually! After 2 years of dating, everyone finally met! Its kind of crazy to think its taken THIS long for the fam to meet, but with A’s work/travel schedule and just life in general, Adams parents rarely come to Charlotte and whenever we see them, we take the drive to Raleigh for holidays & stuff like that. But any way, it couldn’t have gone better, conversation was easy and we all enjoyed Mother’s Day Brunch together — myself & Adam, the parents + my sister, bro-in-law, niece & nephew. I honestly had zero nerves associated with the big meet…considering how everything in our relationship has always happened & progressed so naturally along with how wonderful I get along with his parents & he with mine, I just knew it was going to go great! And, so it did!  

By the time I got in from my workout on Saturday afternoon, Adam’s parents had arrived from Raleigh. We grabbed a small bite to eat, they got all checked in at the hotel, then me & Adam were off to Clean Catch to pick up some fantastic salmon, then Whole Foods to get the rest of our goodies to cook a yummy & healthy dinner in! 

Thanks for stopping in & hope you enjoy the photos from our weekend! xx

Much Love,

Meet Jack.  
this little guy stayed with us for the weekend since Adam’s parents were in a hotel. 

a bit of yummy munchies – goat cheese, olives, marcona almonds & crackers (gluten free for moi) & vino while talking & making dinner – which was super simple and so delicious. Adam did this awesome salmon recipe with roasted garlic purée & fresh herbs and I of course, made the salad. I made a gorgeous, colorful mix of purple cabbage (I’m so obsessed!), cucumber, celery, carrots & asparagus. Dressing was loads of fresh squeezed lemon, olive oil, sea salt & pepper & I topped it off with freshly chopped mint I plucked from the garden. ahh, it was so fresh, crisp & crunchy! 

this was a pretty yummy rosé, albeit sweet!! definitely a great wine to drink with some great cheese, dessert or just make this your dessert! 😉 

Mother’s Day morning began with a yummy green smoothie. I kept it super light because Brunch wasn’t too far off after doing some gooood sleeping in.. haha

brunch was at one of our favorite spots – Bricktops! I had my favorite & what I get every single time we go, the Palm Beach Salad + me & A shared a side of fries. mmm hmm!!

mom insisted on no sunnies = super squint face!!

we got in after brunch and these tulips had opened up so much from the morning + the light was shining on them so beautifully! I just had to snap a pic. 

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