Schwaiger (early) Christmas Weekend

Hello Loves! Happy Sunday!! Hoping everyone has had an amazing week! Life has been crazy over the last 6 weeks, I haven’t had the time to blog & share as much and I honestly canNOT believe Christmas is but a few days away!! Like, whaat?!? Last weekend, was a full on Schwaiger Family Weekend, for sure! We celebrated Christmas and did a bunch of traditional Schwaiger family things last weekend bc this year belongs to my sisters inlaws. I kinda hate our off years because Christmas just isn’t the same without the whole family together….

Friday night, we did the whole Santa thing at South Park mall followed by a fun family dinner at Cafe Monte. Saturday night was a Christmas party at my sisters house and Sunday, we were at my parents house for a so delicious lasagna dinner. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! xx

Much Love,

these cuties! we all go together, every year, to bring the kids to see Santa and then do dinner & drinks afterwards! 

never too old… (haha)


momma bear 

the kids totally spoiled us with presents from the school store! (LOL)

Major Flower Power ring from my Gabriel 

PopPop got a Christmas Candle 

I just adore our family tree… I shared our Christmas ornament tradition last year, and I just love seeing all the ornaments that we’ve collected throughout the years hanging on the tree year after year.   

simple green salad and…the healthiest part of the meal

hello, mom’s lasagna!! 

mom’s homemade coconut macaroons & pistachio biscotti 

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