September Smoothie: Power Greens with Banana, Kiwi & Figs

Hiya & Happy Fri-YAY, loves!! Well, this week sure was a quick one! I can’t believe we’ve blown right thru the first week+ of September…just like that. Poof! This year needs to pump the breaks just a touch, yes!?
So! I’m totally crazy for figs & kiwi’s at the moment. You can catch them in the house on the reg for the last several weeks. I’ve been throwing together this smoothie for the last couple weeks & it is just SO delicious! Every time I drink it down, I feel so energized & cleansed! Its the perfect balance of green & super healthy + sweet with the banana, kiwi & fig combo.
This smoothie will make your tummy flat & your skin glow!

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! xx

Cheers to your health & beauty!


PS. I’ve been sipping this smoothie down with a side of scrambled egg whites since there isn’t any protein added to this smoothie.

September Smoothie: Power Greens with Banana, Kiwi & Figs

organic baby spinach or power greens. 2 handfuls
2 organic kiwis
2 frozen bananas
cinnamon. about 5 shakes
2-3  fresh figs, depending on size
large handful fresh parsley. { I grab mine fresh out of the garden }
LIQUIDS. 4 oz. water | 4 oz. unsweetened vanilla almond milk { I use Califia Farms }

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