Side Crow

Yoga to the Core Challenge – Day 14: Side Crow Arm Balance
This is such a fun arm balance that, I promise isn’t as difficult as it may look. There are so many other arm balances that I have yet to fully (or even come close to) mastering. That’s the beauty of yoga, there is always something to work towards – it is a practice – and with all things that require practice, you must also find patience. Have patience with yourself and with the postures – slowly, slowly it will come.

Coming into your chair pose (squeeze knees/thighs together, tailbone tucks), moving thru chair pose pose with a twist, place hands down on the ground. Elbows wrap back and hug, hug, hug in tightly (to engage triceps) as if your going to move thru a chaturanga. You have to shift more weight forward than you will naturally want to but this is key to getting your knees on your triceps. Continue to contract thru your core and squeeze elbows in and back. Voilà your in your side crow. Trust yourself and ya know, you really don’t have far to fall! 😉

Revolved Chair Pose

Lauren Schwaiger Yoga -  Revolved Chair Pose

Side Crow

Lauren Schwaiger Yoga - Side Crow

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