Simple Summer Salad

Hello & Happy Monday! Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend! 
Having a slow work week as far as PT sessions go – lots of clients away with the family at the beach & such – which allowed me the rare chance of taking one of my fave classes, yoga fusion, at Laughing Buddha at 11am this morning! This never happens (on a Monday) and I was beyond happy in all of my hot & sweaty yoga-fusion-glory! I got home from class absolutely pooped & starving and literally dropped my bags, opened the fridge & immediately started pulling out everything I needed to make this simply delicious summer salad! 

Side Note. How happy is this LemLem for Anthro Makeda Napkin!? I have this thing for napkins/ dishtowels and I’m quite obsessed with these lovely striped & sunny ones. They are a must-have, if ya ask me! 

Here’s what I used…
organic romaine lettuce. about 4 leaves cut into easy-to-eat pieces –
– 1/2 organic cucumber, cut into fourths –
– 1/2 avocado –
– 1 medium sized organic tomato –
– 2 slices of organic turkey –

– 2 teaspoons sunflower oil –
– pinch of himalayan salt –
– cayenne pepper –

I mixed my romaine lettuce + cucumber & tomato with the dressing in a separate bowl, transferred, then added my turkey & avocado to the top at the end since the turkey & avo get mushy/fall apart while mixing. I also ate (uhmm, shoved) 2 pieces of turkey in my mouth while I was making my salad! I did say I was starving! lol
This salad couldn’t be any easier to throw together and it’s full of everything your body needs to recover après sweat! 

Much Love, 

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