Snow Day :)

Hello Hello dolls! Hope you had a wonderful day. Absolutely beautiful winter day here in CLT. I felt as if I was living in a snow globe. We actually got some legit snow. Not the slushy, icy, nasty mess we usually get but REAL, fluffy, beautiful snow.

I kinda feel like I did a whole lotta nothin’ today…had a few clients, ran some errands, taught yoga to my boxing coach (our boxing/yoga barter) worked out and before I knew it, it was 6pm. Came home to cook a bit and just enjoy a cozy, snowy night in. Kinda perfect, really.

Winter Candles

this. perfect evening.
Candles x Wine x Cheese :))

Lauren Schwaiger

Snowy, Winter Day - CLT

Trying to be a photographer and capture this beautiful snow day

Sauteed kale, Scrambled Eggs & Avocado

Loads of carbs yesterday, so I made today a little lighter. Starting with this mornings brek.. Sauteed Kale | Scrambled Eggs (2:1) | 1/4 Avocado | Toasted Almonds

Pear + Nuts + Turkey Breast

Food To Go Pear | Raw Nuts + Goji Berries | Turkey Breast

Rush Espresso, CLT -

Stopped into Rush for an afternoon latte (almond milk, of course) + chicken salad over greens & fruit

Brown Rice + Chicken Frikadellen

Brown Rice + Chicken Frikadellen (chicken waaaat??)

Chicken Frikadellen

Chicken Frikadellen

2 packs 99% lean, ground chicken | 1 onion, chopped | 4 cloves garlic, minced | 1/2 cup oatmeal | 1 egg | sea salt + Italian seasoning + white pepper (free hand it)
Yes. Frikadellen. An Austrian favorite in my family. Frikadellen is the proper “German” name. But, my dad is from Tirol and we actually call them kramanadles. The original, authentic recipe calls for beef or a yummy combo of pork & beef but this is my healthy version. Use chicken, turkey, beef..whatever you wish. Call them what you like…mini hamburgers, make ’em into meatballs and enjoy!


Today’s workout was a bit on the easy side because I am DEAD sore from boxing yesterday. My upper back, shoulders & tris are sore to the touch. Cardio + this lower body circuit on the mat was just perfect for today.

– Precore AMT: 15 minutes
– StairMaster: 20 minutes (Level 9-11)

Fun Circuit of Glutes/Hams & Core:
BOSU Ball, Unilateral Glute/Ham Raises: 30 seconds x 3
Modified Side Plank Leg Raises: 30 seconds x 3
Stability Ball: Straight Leg/Bent Leg Kick Back Combo: 1 minute x 3 (30 seconds each)
Side Plank Hip Raises: 30 seconds x 3 (each side)
Stability Ball Back Extensions: 15 x 3
Grab yourself a mat, BOSU & Stability Ball, pick out a nice spot on the floor and get to work 😉 I love doing moves like this in addition to squats, dead lifts & lunges. Sexy back & booty!! yessss.

Lauren Schwaiger - Fitness

Lauren Schwaiger – Fitness

BOSU Ball Glute Ham Raise - Lauren Schwaiger

BOSU Ball Glute Ham Raise – Lauren Schwaiger

Lauren Schwaiger - Fitness

Lauren Schwaiger – Fitness

Much Love,


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