SouthEnd CLT // Atherton Mill Anthropologie

In case you haven’t heard the big retail news, we have a brand new & totally fabulous Anthro Store in Charlotte! Anthropologie has opened its doors in SouthEnd’s Atherton Mill & Market, right next to a local love of mine – Luna’s Living Kitchen. The space is pretty amazing and totally suits that eclectic, Euro/Boho Anthro vibe I love so much. 

If you haven’t visited the store just yet, take a little look-see inside with these snaps I took while I perused the new store the other day + a few of my all time loves & current anthro picks! xx

Much Love, 

I totally loved this sweet corner of the store that was designed to be a replica of the
Queen Charlotte Hotel

Smith’s RoseBud Salve. LOVE.

French Style Bible! This is one of my top 3.
Anthro has such an amazing variety of books to inspire any area of your life. 

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