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I had the incredible opportunity to fly to Dallas to experience the outstanding, like-nothing-you’ve-ever-tasted seafood creations of John Tesar at Spoon Bar & Kitchen on Wednesday night!

Spoon BarThe company that I am doing some consulting for, Chanticleer Holdings, has just purchased Spoon and together, will be working with Chef Tesar to expand his Spoon brand in creating his vision of a fast-casual seafood concept. We could not be more excited to be teaming up with John! Not only did we have the chance to experience his amazing food, we also got to spend a couple hours with him this morning to learn more about him and his incredible talent & passion for food, cooking (and life!) that is so evident in his culinary creations.

I can’t tell you how many “OMG, Holy Shit, Wow, This Is AMAZING” moments there were going on across our table over the span of nearly 4 hours as course after course was set down in front of us. 100%, most amazing & memorable experiences I’ve ever had.

Don’t mind me for over-using my favorite word- amazing! And my pictures do this food no justice…

Spoon - Hard Boiled Eggs + Caviar

On-the-softer-side, Hard Boiled Eggs w/ just THE perfect pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt on top. Blini’s (baby pancake) with a sour cream type spread + Caviar.

Blini + Caviar

Seriously amazing. You just want to hold this in your mouth to savor the flavor.


Oysters for the table..

Sashimi Salmon

Sashimi Salmon topped w/ Caviar + Heirloom Beet (say whaaat?!) I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an Heirloom Beet. Love me some heirloom tomatoes, tho! The olive oil used on this dish was delectable.

Salmon Tartare

Salmon Tartare w/ some type of Tomato Soup/bisque. Had a good laugh at the table joking around that this was Campbell’s Tomato Soup.


Not kidding. THE most amazing scallop I’ve ever put in my mouth. Cooked to perfection. Topped off with brown truffles. The shell/presentation was so beautiful. Again, picture does it no justice 🙁

Prawns + Kimchi

Kimchi + Prawns

Squid Ink Pasta

Squid Ink Pasta w/ Spicy Marinara & Crab Meat. You guessed it…amazing.

Spoon Fish

Salmon w/ Lotus Root & Enoki Mushrooms  (the most adorable little mushrooms)

Spoon Dessert

Our servers brought this out and called it the “Pre-dessert” Light as air, salted caramel deliciousness! OMG.

Spoon Dessert

Toasted Marshmallows + Chocolate Mousse.

Spoon Dessert

More amazing dessert for the table.

Spoon Bar & Kitchen

Awesome semi-private table our group sat at.


In love with this little light on the table. Aaaand I kinda wanted to put it in my bag and take it home.

Lovely night filled with fantastic food, wine, laughs & great company – The Essence of Life.

Much Love,





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