SPRING SLIM DOWN // 5 Tips To Look & Feel Your Best!

Hello my loves!! Good news, (in case you didn’t already know) Spring is right around the corner — 10 days to be exact! But who’s counting!? Uhm, me! The weather has already begun to warm here in CLT + the time changes this weekend and this seriously could not make me happier. I say this every year as Spring approaches, but I think I mean it more than ever this season! I felt like Winter, February especially, just really dragged on forever (and ever). Those cold, grey & rainy days really started to bring me down. But enough about that…lets focus on what’s important & the positive!

Every year, I look forward to Spring, warm weather and sunny skies like a kid looks forward to Christmas morning. Or Disney World. Seriously, tho! Spring is a season of reawakening and I feel just that in my heart & soul! Its a season of warmth, sunshine, positivity & happiness …I mean, just look at the world around you — everything is so colorful, beautiful & blooming! Personally, there’s nothing very inspiring about Winter (in Charlotte, any way) – its just so damn blah. But Spring & Summer!? Ahhh, I feel so alive, happy & motivated! When I think about all the awesomeness that this season brings, confidence is top-of-mind. As we say farewell to winter and trade in those sweats & sweaters for shorts, skirts & white skinnies + other body-con clothing — naturally, you want to look & feel fabulous & confident in you skin and clothes!

Although living a healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle, a way of life, and something you stick to year round….Perhaps you fell off the wagon throughout the Winter or your looking for a little extra motivation to finally get started on those health & fitness goals you’ve been meaning to tackle. Let this Spring be the season and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, happier you by the time Summer arrives!!

Here are 5 tips that I pretty much live by, keep me looking & feeling my best and will work to help you shed those unwanted pounds! xx

Much Love, Health & Happiness,

This little but so important tip totally had to come first! I continue to be shocked by the lack of water that people drink. Its one of the things I drive my clients crazy about! (LOL) Water is essential for boosting our metabolism, recovering faster from workout, flushing toxins from our body, keeping our skin healthy & hydrated, banishing the bloat, prevents over-eating, keeps our mind clear + energy levels up!
Drinking more water is nothing more than creating the habit and the best way to do this is to always have water handy. There are so many awesome water bottles available these days, so pick one, fill it up and carry it with you everywhere! 😉
PS: I’m in love with my BKR Bottle. The rubber cover pops off so easily to wash the glass bottle in the dishwasher so you always have a clean container.

Chances are, your not doing enough cardio. Every BODY is different, but most women need to amp up that heart pumping cardio to stay lean + lose & keep those unwanted pounds off – especially from the midsection! Mix up your days between HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Steady State cardio depending on your workouts.  For example, if I’m working legs I’m not going to kill it with a HIIT workout. I’ll do about 20, maybe 30 minutes of power walking or something else and then hit the weights. On the flip side, if I’m running sprints or doing intervals on another piece of cardio equipment, that IS my workout for the day + I’ll probably train abs or perhaps a bit of upper body depending on what workouts have looked like that week.
Other important reasons to mix up your cardio:
prevent boredom + keep your workouts fresh & motivating
keep your body guessing + seeing results
prevent over training and/or injury
cross training works muscles differently to build a strong, beautiful & functional physique
Check out this HIIT Treadmill workout to jump start your cardio.

Yikes!! This is the big one, guys! If you haven’t already cut back or eliminated these 3 culprits from your life then as I always say, start with baby steps.
1) Gluten & Dairy are 2 of the most common allergens/food sensitivities which many people are actually unaware of, which cause weight gain, inflammation in the body, bloating + irregular poop patterns. Eek!
2) Sugar. Do I really need to say it? We all know sugar, in its many forms, often hidden, leads to weight gain, cellulite, poor skin appearance and again, inflammation.
Slowly start cutting back and eventually eliminate these guys for a healthier, happier body & overall well-being!

Its no secret that I am a big fan of the smoothie! They are such a fantastic & easy way to load up on so much goodness + keep you satisfied & energized throughout the day. Green smoothies, are of course AMAZING for you but you can also mix it up with delicious fruit & protein smoothies! Whether you go green or keeping it fruity, your doing your body (so) good — drinking up loads of vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants to keep you glowing & radiating health from the inside out!
Typically, when I’m making a green smoothie, I like to keep things super simple to really absorb all the green goodness. When I’m making a fruit smoothie, I’m most likely adding vanilla protein + other yummy superfoods to the mix. This is also my secret way of craving my ridiculous sweet tooth! (Haha)
Check out my Smoothies Section for loads of inspiration to break out the blender!
Also, this Spring Slim Down Smoothie I created last year & continues to be a favorite of mine!

Protein is essential for building a strong & lean body! Protein helps to burn fat & build lean muscle — the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism is! Whether your a meat eater or keep things veggie, its so important to get in that protein, guys! I am predominately plant based, however, I need my animal protein, too. I mainly eat chicken & fish but I’m not afraid of some red meat! (haha)
Great sources of vegetarian protein that I happen to love & eat on the daily:
quinoa / lentils / chickpeas & beans
hemp seeds / chia seeds / vegan protein powders / nuts & nut butters (in moderation)

Remember, food & fitness is individual & intuitive. I’m STILL learning what makes my body feel & function at its best. Play around, try on different workouts & foods… If it works, wonderful! If its not for you, that’s ok, too!

fuel your body. move your body. love your body.

— LS

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