Spring Slim Down Smoothie

Welcome, Spring!
I am so happy that Spring has sprung and we can officially say buh-bye to that dreadful cold, winter weather! Warmer weather means peeling off those layers we’ve been hiding under for what seems like forever + beach & bikini season is just around the corner! Wee…
Naturally, we want to look & feel our best when showing more skin and green smoothies really are such an amazing way to help your body do just that!
As the weather heats up my mindset has already shifted & I’ve begun to drink more and more green smoothies just in the last couple weeks whereas over the last several months I’ve been craving warmer foods to get my day going.

I put together this Spring Super Smoothie to help slim, detox & debloat to get you ready to show off your best body this Spring!

This Spring Smoothie contains 2 Slim Down Super Stars – Celery & Parsley!
is one of natures most natural diuretics – containing both potassium & healthy sodium to detox & flush your body of excess fluid. With its silicon content, Celery is also a beauty booster to make for long, healthy hair & fight inflammation in your body.
PARSLEY. rich in Iron + Vitamins C, K & B12, this powerful herb also works to flush excess fluid from your body, helping to support your kidneys, cleanse your blood & help fight inflammation, as well!

Add this health & beauty boosting smoothie into your Green Smoothie rotation for slim & toned body + glowing, radiant skin! xx

Spring Slim Down Smoothie

2 handfuls, organic spinach or power greens mix
(my 2 faves: Trader Joes, Power to the Greens.  Earth Bound Farms, ZEN, Deep Greens)
2 super ripe, antioxidant rich bananas (option to use 1)
4 stalks, organic celery
organic parsley, about 1 – 1 1/2 tablespoons
1 cup unsweetened, vanilla almond milk

Blend. Sip. Slim. 

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