Strength & Stability

Happy Monday, loves! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
A little inspirational note as we move into this new week…

S T R E N G T H  &  S T A B I L I T Y
What do you do to cultivate strength & stability…
In your life?
Your body?
Your Heart & Mind?

 Regular workouts + eating healthy, wholesome foods to fuel your body to give you energy to take on LIFE, build a healthy, strong & stable physical body. You guys know my love of all forms of movement – Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing (Cross Training) – is my favorite! 1) this simply prevents boredom 2) prevents plateaus + continues to produce changes/results in your body 3) creates a strong, stable, balanced & functional body
Thankfully, I’m feeling back to normal today but last week, I was so sick — terribly congested + sore throat, not sleeping well & just felt weak in general. This was a good reminder to not take my healthy, strong & capable body for granted.

LOVE YOURSELF, practice yoga, mediation or just deep, mindful breathing, time with good friends & family, read a book, soak in a tub, light candles, listen to music, get a massage, take a leisurely walk, indulge in something sweet, take a vacation, stay in your sweat pants all day, eat wholesome foods that nourish your body & mind & eliminate processed foods, get rid of negative people & situations that don’t enrich your life….
These are things that build emotional strength & stability, bringing peace, love & happiness into your life. 

Side plank is always a pose where these 2 words, these things, always seem to surface. Its a pose that requires a strong & stable, body & mind.
Work towards holding side plank for 5, deep breaths on each side. If you need to modify, you can bend your bottom leg, so your on your knee and work towards both legs extended.

Much Love, Strength & Stability, 

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