Summer Breakfast Obsession.

I tend to go thru phases and its safe to say I am going thru a 2-fried-eggs-over-a-bed-of-greens phase. If I told you how many times I’ve eaten this combo of greens & eggie goodness throughout the summer you might not believe me. 
I also tend to enjoy eating incredibly simple & light meals during the warmer summer months – eating ridiculous amounts of greens, veggies, fruits & smoothie, of course. 

This breakfast, for some reason, just feels…summery. Its such a perfect way to get your day going and leaves you feeling light & lean after eating. 

Sharing a couple mornings (or afternoons!) that’s I’ve thrown this super simple & easy meal together! 

What you need:
– 2 eggs (I cook mine with a bit of either coconut oil or avocado oil)
– Greens: I alternate between Arugala & Power to the Greens mix (Trader Joes)
– Veggies: toss in whatever you have in the house…I sometimes add tomatoes, mushrooms, sautéed banana peppers 

Hope you enjoy! xx

Simply plate your Greens + Tomatoes 

and the mess of it all.. haha
This is how I enjoy mine! Y U M

arugala + mushrooms + sautéed banana peppers 

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