Summer Salads // Arugala Peach & Blueberry Salad w/ Walnuts & Goat Cheese

Hello Hello, loves! 
So I think we all know how much I love a good salad around here!
 During the summer, there’s an abundance of beautiful, seasonal ingredients – fruits & veggies – to take your salads to another level! Fresh fruit, makes for a simple & delicious addition to a light & super satisfying summer salad. I’ve been thinking about making this peachy little number for the last few weeks so when my client, Sam, who’s becoming a dear friend of mine, invited me over for dinner last Saturday night, I asked her if I could bring the salad!? 
Sam & her husband totally loved this Arugala salad, combining perfectly ripened peaches & blueberries + walnuts & goat cheese!

Earthbound Farm, organic arugula
2 ripe peaches
organic blueberries
raw, unsalted walnut halves
goat cheese
pink salt & pepper
olive oil


I first cut my peaches into fourths, removing the pit and cutting away the rough part that the pit leaves behind. From here, I cut my peachy sections into halves again. 
using about 2 heaping handfuls, create a nice bed of greens on your platter. I really loved the way it all came together on this simple, white, rectangular platter from Crate & Barrel (available, here) I just love the simplicity of white dishes! 
And the rest of the goodies…
randomly drop in a generous amount of blueberries, next come your walnuts & finally top it all off with as much creamy & scrumptious goat cheese as you like! 

totally loving this La Bonne Vie Goat Cheese, atm.
Its so yum & creamy. And a great price, too! 

Hope you enjoy!! xx

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