Hello loves & Happy Sunday. Hope everyone is having the best weekend! Having a bit of a cold front here in CLT this weekend in the 60’s and 70’s, enjoying a super chill, rainy kinda Sunday and totally loving it. Random rainy day thoughts…isn’t it funny how most of the time, rainy, cloudy days are just the pits and totally kill your mood + any & all motivation!? And other times, they are just The Best. This would be one of those days… I’m seriously relishing in this Sunday.

Really low key Saturday night…din & movie with my preggo BFF. Early to bed, early to rise…up about 730ish with so much energy after a great nights sleep! Off to Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s for Sunday shopping to restock on all my goodies!

open face veggie omelette

made this Ahh-maze open face omelette for brunch late morning with a side of green tea + cinnamon…
3 eggs | 1/2 can wild salmon | mushrooms | arugala | goat cheese 

Trader Joe's - Pink Salmon

whole foods watermelon juice

sipped on this Delish watermelon juice while fartin’ around Whole Foods. (after a latte, of course)


lemons | apples | nan’s …must haves!!

brazil nuts, dates & millet

brazil nuts | dates | millet
I think you all know by now that I’m crazy for nuts and Brazil nuts are on the top of my list! They are loaded with Selenium & oh so healthy for you. Just eat them sparingly, as they are super high in fat. The healthy fat, tho! 😉 I eat 2-3 several days a week. Picked up some millet for the first. time. ever. Excited to cook this up this week!

almond milk & almond butter

pit stop at HT yesterday afternoon to reload on almond milk & almond butter so I could come home and enjoy this….

apple & almond butter with coffee

<3 <3 <3

Spring Style - Lauren Schwaiger

casual din & movie attire Watched my boyfriend Zac Efron in Neighbors. A MUST SEE! Hilarious flick!

salad + crab cake

salad + crab cake @ Mickey & Mooch after the movie

Will be posting about my fun Saturday in the park a bit later! Wish you a beautiful, restful Sunday afternoon! xx

Much Love,

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