Sunday Comfort – Food + Style

Comfort Food

So, as much as I love my green smoothies, this cold, rainy, winter weather calls for some warm & cozy food that comforts the soul. Isn’t it funny how food can emit such a feeling? The last thing I wanted to make this morning was a green smoothie that was going to freeze me from the inside out. (I saved it for the afternoon instead)

Goji Berry + Pecans Winter Oatmeal

I made this yummy wintry oatmeal with Goji Berries, Pecans & topped it off with a baby spoon of Organic Maple Syrup — I thoroughly enjoyed every. single. bite. Mmm!

Goji Berries + Pecans

Goji Berries + Pecans (raw, chopped)

Goji Berry + Pecan Winter Oatmeal

Organic Maple Syrup

Dinner was more comfort food…the ultimate in comfort food, in my opinion – Meatloaf.


Meatloaf, Roasted Carrots + Steamed Broccoli

Last minute decision to catch a movie – The Wolf on Wall Street. You have to go! This movie was outstanding. What acting. Leo Dicaprio was really incredible in this film. (I predict an Oscar) And Jonah Hill…Oh my. (One word: Veeners) Truly a character, if I ever saw one. I literally laughed for 3 hours! Just be ready for a ton of sex, drugs & cussing. They really don’t hold back in this movie.

Casual Style

Went for total comfort, but always cute & put together – perfect for a Sunday night movie. Layered with a ribbed, white Lulu Tee + Navy Tank &  my fave jean shirt, socks & boots and scarf.

Casual Style

Casual Style | Lauren Schwaiger

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