Sunday Confession

Sunday Confessions:

Sleeping In – Sex and the City Reruns – Pizza & Ice Cream –
The stuff that lazy Sunday dreams are made of..

1) Slightly hungover, I slept until 10am only to go downstairs, drink coffee and lay on the couch watching Sex and the City reruns on E! Ah, guilty pleasures. 2) Pizza. This was the first thing I ate today. I literally could not tell you the last time I ate pizza and let me tell you…it was AMAZING. Just one slice, slight orgasm in my mouth. (I did blot it with paper towels tho, to soak up the extra grease, which makes me feel better about my decision) 3) No gym, no yoga and my only outing of the day was to Publix with my nephew + a stop into Rush for a little rainy afternoon Almond Milk Latte/Hot Chocolate date. 4) Après family dinner, I ate ice cream. yep. I’m just gonna go ahead and blame this on my niece & nephew. Mom picked up Ben & Jerry’s as a treat for the kids and well, I decided to participate in the ice cream party. Sooo…lets just say digestive enzymes are my friends today.

All joking aside, I’m not perfect and as much as I LOVE working out, being active & eating all things clean, green & lean, every now and then, I need a lazy day like today in order to keep my wits about me. Actually, it is good for your metabolism to have a cheat day (ONE day, uhmm, actually 1 meal), as I did today and then jump – very  quickly – right back on the wagon. Typically tho, you should work out on this cheat day to burn off the extra calories you’ve consumed.

So, no picture of the slice of pizza. Probably because I ate it so quickly there was no time to photograph the evidence. My body didn’t know wth I was feeding it!!

LS & Gabriel

the best coffee date ever

Smoothie Cheers!

3 Musketeers! PB & J Smoothie Cheers!
Fun afternoon making Strawberry Banana Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothies with the littles..

Sunday Family Dinner

Sunday Family Dinner
Grilled Pork Tenderloin | Roasted Asparagus | Red Bean Salad | Brown Rice

Pork Tenderloin & Asparagus

my plate I opted to not eat any rice considering I already ate pizza and was a lazy ass all day — figured there was no need for the extra carbs. I ate a couple more medallions of pork + a few more spears of asparagus. I kinda LOVE pork tenderloin and those little medallions are quite addicting.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

annnnd…then there was ice cream

Hoping you all had a wonderful Sunday. xo


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