Sunday Funnnday: Part II

Sunday Funnday Part II

Family. Lake. Yoga. Sunset.

 Après brunch, I quickly ran home to grab a few things, change clothes and drove straight up to the lake to meet my parents, sister and her family. Last night was dinner at The Palm to celebrate my sisters 35th birthday, but today was actually her special day. The weather couldn’t have possibly been more beautiful. We spent all late afternoon until sunset out on the water just enjoying the sun, music, food, drinks and each other. And of course there was yoga fun & silliness by the water and in the sun, naturally. Hoping your weekend was as wonderful as mine! xx

Me & sydney bug

gettin’ some love from my sweet Sydney

Gabriel & Sydney

Dancer on the Water - lauren schwaiger

Lauren Schwaiger

these two. they hold my heart.
Side Note: my AMAZING 7 year old nephew is taking most of these photos. He’s pretty awesome, no?!

yoga silliness

Sydney & G

cutest, silliest little girls. they wanted to do yoga poses with me all day. adorable. 

Fresh Fruit

healthy, fresh fruit & veggies.

lauren schwaiger

Sunset. 3.9.14 - LKN

dazzling sunset. i must have taken 50 photos between my camera & iPhone.
CLT in the Spring is pretty hard to beat. There’s just a certain something in the air that makes my heart so happy.


Sunset Yoga - Triangle Pose - Lauren Schwaiger

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