Sunday Ritual + Green Smoothie

Sunday Ritual + BYO Green Smoothie

Hello & Happy Sunday. Hope you have all had a lovely weekend! Again, I just have to mention this weather, its been amazing. Hope you are taking full advantage of it. It will be freezing before we know it! Meh…

I slept in this morning til about 9ish…ahhh 🙂  enjoyed my coffee and then whipped up a green smoothie. Pretty simple today as far as the greens go since I ran out of everything else throughout the week. I decided to add a Gala apple today. I’ve used apples before but today, I peeled the skin off. Since I do not use/own a juicer, leaving the skin on when using a blender just doesn’t give the desired effect & consistency. You wind up chewing your smoothie rather than drinking it.

Greeen Smoothie Ingredients

Green Smoothie Ingredients:

– Spinach
– Banana
– Gala Apple (cored, peeled & cut into wedges)
– Cinnamon
– 1 Scoop Green Superfood Powder
– 2 tspn Hemp Protein Powder
– 1 tspn Chia Seeds
– 1 tspn Ground Flaxseed
– 1 tspn Spirulina
– 1 Cup of half water/half unsweetened Coconut Milk & Crushed Ice

Sunday Ritual

Trader Joe's Grocery Shopping

Next, off to Trader Joe’s & Earth Fare to restock on everything I need to get me thru the week! I absolutely love this quote and use it often because its just so true – “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Unfortunately, life just happens and you never know what might pop up in your schedule throughout the week. Sooo…. why not just pick a day that works best for you, get ALL your shopping out of the way and then your set for the week! Doing this ensures that will be prepared and make life easier on you as far as meal planning goes. You can see my shopping cart pictured to the left. Loaded up on my greens – organic Spinach, Kale & Arugala.  Fruit… bananas, pineapple, papaya, apples, kiwi & lemons. Picked up a Butternut Squash, unsweetened Almond Milk. I usually get Vanilla but they were out today so Original had to do and on top there, you’ll see some super dark chocolate with almonds – YUM!

Hope this helps motivate YOU to make the time to prep for your week and eat well!

Much Love – xx


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