Sunday Sweat.

Not wanting to be in the gym for too long on this beautiful Holiday Weekend, I quickly ran thru this Full Body Circuit to get my heart rate up & sweatin’ it up in no time!

Full Body Circuit Workout

Dynamic Warm Up:
– Jumping Jacks: 1 min
– Butt Kicks: 1 min – High Knees: 1 Min
– Hips Swings: 10 in each direction/each leg
– 10 Jump Switches/Jumping Lunges

– Split Squats: 20 x 3 (each leg)
– BOSU Ball, Overhead, db Triceps Extensions (balancing on Black side of BOSU) 20 x 3
– Unilateral Kettlebell Squat & Swing: 30 x 3 (15 on each arm – swing kettle bell all the way overhead)
– BB Bench Press: 60 sec x 3
– .50 run x 3 (aprox. 5 minutes)

– 1 mile power walk to finish off the workout.

If your feeling extra badasssss go for 4 rounds! 😉

Lauren Schwaiger Fitness


This is all the equipment you need to get thru your circuit! I know the gym can be an intimidating place for a lot of people, especially being all up in the weight room with a bunch of dudes. Take a few minutes to gather all equipment needed, find yourself a little spot & set up shop. This allows you to move from exercise to exercise quickly & efficiently. Just focus on yourself, your workout, your goals and pay no attention to what is going on around you. Gym time is YOU time! Make the most of it. 😉

Clean Eats

Veggie Omelette & Tomato + Avocado

super delish Sunday Brunch
3 eggs | organic girl super greens | sun dried tomatoes | parsley

Berry smoothie

this post workout smoothie was more like a dessert! Seriously tasted like ice cream. I barely used any almond milk for an ice cold, super thick consistency! Y U M.

banana | organic frozen blueberries | cinnamon | unsweetened vanilla almond milk | 2 TBSPN chia seeds | TBSPN Raw Cacao topped off with fresh blueberries & goji’s

berries - fresh fruit

antioxidant party!! All these beauties were BOGO at Harris Teeter!!

Now to enjoy some vino & some relaxation. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday evening. Hope your enjoying the long, holiday weekend. xx So Much Love, LS

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