Sunny & 70 degrees…we’ll take more Monday, please!!

So I know I said I’m in a full on spring-state-of-mind but the forecast is seriously making it hard over here…

A little recap + extended forecast…
Sunday, freezing cold, super grey + freezing-rain and just plain miserable.  Yesterday, we were in heaven!!! I believe it got up to 70 degrees, absolutely beautiful & sunny. And today, we are singing the winter blues once again to the tune of cold, grey & a steady rain. Tomorrow will be sunny and 77! So crazy, right!? This weather roller coaster continues on with its ups & downs as the week goes on…

Any way, yesterday was so amazing! I had so much energy & the weather made me feel so alive and motivated — it was spectacular! 
I trained my clients, climbed 102 floors on the StairMaster, ran a couple errands took Maisy Moose out for a long walk + some ball time, did some blog work and ended my day/night with a late yoga class.

brek was a giant green smoothie.
I made this little goat yogurt + cacao nibs + strawberries & blueberries to eat between clients later. 

As of last weekend, I’ve been hitting the StairMaster again. I climbed 102 floors in 18 minutes. Consistently on Level 10 + threw in a few 90 second intervals on Level 11. 100 floors is always the target but sometimes more. Just depends on what else I have going on fitness wise. 

So…this is Maisy. We call her Moose or Maisy Moose or Toots…all kindsa names. lol 

I’m watching her while her momma is away in the DR/Paradise and we are stuck here in the cold! hahah 
 I’m pretty sure Moose shares my winter weather woes…she was so happy yesterday, too! and we would both like the sun & warm weather back! I mean, I’m pretty sure she is smiling in the bottom left picture! lol This girl LOVES her ball! We played in the house today. 

yoga was from 830 to 930 + a shower + a stop into HT so by the time I got home it was after 1030 but I was starving. So, I put together this healthy & light snack since it was so light…
goat yogurt with cinnamon & cacao nibs topped off with some blueberries + a Fuji Apple! 
I drank a coconut water + a packet of electrolytes because the studio was so insanely hot and was in serious need of rehydrating. 
PS: how cute is my little bowl!? I just found it at Marshal’s and love it! 🙂


  1. amy
    March 5, 2015 / 9:01 pm

    that bowl and that doggy are both seriously cute!

    • Lauren Schwaiger
      March 10, 2015 / 10:26 pm

      omgosh, right!? thank you!! 🙂 hope your having a good week! xx

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