Sweater Weather

sweater x jeans x boots
some day’s there’s just nothing better than this cozy but pulled together combination.
cashmere, chunky, striped, oversized, v-neck, cropped, ribbed, wool…
I don’t discriminate. haha

Some pieces, like a quality, last-a-lifetime sweater are worth investing in.
A few tips when purchasing pricey-pieces:
1) Stay away from “trends” instead..
2) stick with the classics
pieces you can pull out of your closet year after year & never go out of style
3) Basics – black, grey, white, creme & tan
as much as I love color, its funny how I seem to always wind up with the basics.
Perfect for layering, mixing & matching
4) Take Good Care
♡ Dry Clean Only (when instructed)
 Hand Wash & lay flat to dry
♡ Stay far far away from the dryer
(speaking from one too many shrunken-sweater experiences)
♡ Fold, Don’t Hang
If you must hang, be sure to use a proper sweater hanger
Sweater Boxes – perfect for folding & storing, especially end of the season
LS Tip: For certain sweaters, I will fold in half and drape over a thick hanger
– this works well, too!

Laughing at myself as I looked back over my picks, there’s a whole lotta grey options going on here. There’s just something about the color grey and its many shades that evokes a sense of comfort, calm and coziness, which couldn’t be more perfect for the cooler months of the year.
My current picks, ranging from high to low, from some of my fave places to shop.

Happy Sweater Weather, xx

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