thanksgiving weekend in raleigh

hey hey, loves! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend & your week is off to a great start. Its only Tuesday and this week is already NUTS – eek! Quickly popping in to share a fun & incredibly relaxed weekend in Raleigh with my love & his sweet parents! 
As I wrote in my Thanksgiving post, I hopped in the car on Friday afternoon to spend the rest of Holiday weekend with Adam and his parents. 

I got into Raleigh/Adam’s parents house around 4ish, hung out a bit and then my bug and I were off to the market to get some goodies to stay in & cook! We used this simple tuna & avocado salsa recipe and I made a big mixed greens salad with carrots, cucumber & beets! SO simple & so delicious! 

Salad Side Note: I’m currently obsessed with using a mandolin for my veggies in my salads – so fun!

Saturday morning, we hung out around the house over coffee & brekkie and then Adam and I headed out for most of the day. We went hiking around some of the Umstead Trails and then lunch afterwards! We made a last minute decision to stay in & cook which was so nice since we eat out all.the.time

whoo…haven’t had one of these in a while! forgot how spicy this mix is — i had a few sips and then made the move to a smoothie! haha

organic spinach + blueberries + banana + raspberries + fresh ginger + cinnamon + almond milk 

uhmmm…still hungry after my smoothie, I made Udi’s GF Toast + Almond Butter & some goat yogurt about 30ish minutes later

Heyyyy…..stop light selfie, wee!

after playing in the woods….we were hungry! I had Adam & I doing push ups on logs, walking lunges & squats along the trail! We grabbed some lunch and both had this kale & beet salad with chicken salad on top + tried out these beet chips. both were just eh, ok…

for dinner, we (well, Adam) marinated & grilled Piri-Piri Chicken (we used this recipe) + I made a super yum, chunky salad & his mom roasted sweet potatoes!

Sunday was super chill as we hung around the house for a bit, showered & packed up our stuff. we were trying to see his brother + niece & nephews but they had a play date & nap schedules so we weren’t able to make it happen before we hit the road back to CLT. 

we popped into North Hills Shopping Center to grab a few things at REI & we somehow winded up in Coquette Brasserie for a Mimosa! LOL Cant I just tell you how much I fell in love with this place!? If your ever in Raleigh & in the North Hills area — definitely pop into this French spot for a yummy brunch! 

this man….

much love & thanks for stopping in!! xx

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