Thanksgiving Weekend in Raleigh + Life Lately

Hello, Hi & Happy Monday! Hoping everyone enjoyed the long, holiday weekend. As I shared in my Thanksgiving post, I hopped in the car Thursday evening to drive down to Raleigh to spend most of the weekend with my love at his family’s home. 

Excited for a fresh week, as last week was a bit of a blur…
Returning from Austria & experiencing the worst case of jet lag I think I’ve ever had coming back from Europe. Squeezing a weeks worth of work into 3 days due to the holiday, started feeling sick last Tuesday morning (sore throat + congestion) which meant no working out + lots of sleep + a cocktail of vitamins, including my go-to elderberry syrup. I didn’t get around to posting any Austria photos bc my Mac Book was on the fritz caused by malware that my sweet & smart boyfriend figured out how to remove. To top it all off, a helluva case of PMS – caused by PMDD — which lead to 3 days of no pooping & full body bloating (F you hormones) … Ahhh yes, this week is looking up! haha 

Any way, back to the weekend…landed in Raleigh around 930pm Thursday night and within the hour we were in bed. Waking up to a gorgeous but cold Friday morning, we lingered in the kitchen drinking coffee & eating alight brekkie before heading out for the day. A chilly willy walk, 2x around Shelley Lake, coffee’s at Sola Cafe to warm us up and then Whole Foods to shop for a super yum dinner at home. A little wine, goat cheese + apple while prepping & listening to music. We roasted a dozen oysters, roasted root veggies (my fave!!) and made cedar plank salmon. 

goat cheese + fig preserves & honeycrisp apple

Pickle Point, PEI, Oysters 

beets | brussels | rutabaga | carrots |
fresh rosemary from the garden | olive oil, sea salt & pepper 

Fairly early night as we both weren’t feeling the best, stuffy noses and sore throats, we took NyQuil & passed the F out. I haven’t taken NyQuil in years, but my guy insisted I take it to get a good nights sleep…and that I did. Slept like the dead, congested-mouth-breathing and all… I’m sure that was sexy. haha 

Saturday was another beautiful day and about 10+ degrees warmer. Morning routine, packed up our things and drove over to William B. Umstead State Park to wander thru the woods for about 5 miles soaking up the day. Southern Seasons afterwards for some kitchen goodies and a late lunch before the dreaded 2 hour drive back to Charlotte. 

I just fell in love with this tree…
Whimsical & storybook-like, I totally had a moment (and a photo op) with it 🙂

Sunday morning started with coffee, naturally, followed by green smoothies then off to late morning yoga class + meditation. Apres yoga at Pio Pio for a super yummy lunch, a few errands and then home to get showered for a holiday dinner with friends. 

Green Smoothies made with Love…
Gobs of organic baby spinach + 2 bananas + Trader Joe’s frozen mixed berries

I ordered #2, hold the rice, extra avocado.

Hoping everyone had fun holiday weekend, Here’s to an awesome week ahead! xx

Much Love, 

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