The Best Mascara for Long, Lush Lashes

One of the top compliments I receive is about my eyelashes. I’m constantly getting asked if they are real and to answer that question… yes! they are real. I have been blessed with thick, black, long lashes and I ain’t mad! {haha} Throughout the years, I have gone thru my fair share of mascaras and I thought it would be fun to share my favorites here on The Blog!
Depending on just how amazing a particular mascara is, I’ll stick with the same kind for a few tubes and other times when one is finished, I’ll switch to something new for fun & to simply use something different!

I’ve gone thru multiple tubes of all the mascara’s I’m sharing below and love each and every one of them! They all work their mascara magic to give you long, lush, lashes that will make everyone wonder if their real!


Lancome is one of my go-to’s for a really great mascara. These are my top 3 for dark, long, full lashes + good lash separation:
– Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Volume Mascara
– Lancôme Grandiôse Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara
– Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara


Just one swipe of Le Volume De Chanel & I was hooked. I went thru 3 tubes of this mascara before switching to a different brand. I love this mascara for ultra thick & lush lashes!


Me & MAC go waaaaay back. I’ve always loved MAC Makeup and these 2 mascaras are a long time favorite of mine – if your looking for super black, length + volume + the perfect amount of curl…you’ll love these!


BADgal Lash from Benefit has a “famously” big brush to coat your lashes in their thick black formula. Not so much separation here, but this mascara definitely plumps up your lashes without clumping!


My very first mascara – ever – and quite possibly every other teenage girls’ – you kind of can’t go wrong with Great Lash from Maybelline! My favorite is “blackest black” and for just $5.99 – no complaints here!

A few fun facts to go along with this post…

The blacker the better! I just love the look of ultra dark lashes – so sultry!
I never wear waterproof mascara – ever. I bought it once and I just don’t care for it. I felt like it was such a struggle to completely wash off. Anybody else?? I wear contacts so I want all of my eye makeup to wash off easily & not have any gunk left over.
You know those little brushes for sampling mascara at the store?? Those are like my best friends! {lol} And they should be yours, too! I always brush my lashes with one of those little brushes before applying mascara. I swear it really defines your lashes and makes them look even more amazing!!
I also always apply a thin layer of mascara, allow it to dry, brush again to separate my lashes and then apply 1, 2 or even 3 more good swipes depending on what I’m doing…daytime, date night, girls night out, photoshoot, whatever! 🙂
Oh! And don’t forget to open your mouth and tilt your head way back – a mascara must! I had to remind myself to definitely NOT do that for these pictures! haha

What’s your favorite mascara?
Any that I should try? Share below! xx

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