The Best Sunday Funday Ever // 9.20.15

Hiya loves! Happy Sunday evening! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I wrapped up my weekend with the best Sunday ever. My nephew has been wanting to go to Carowinds with me all summer long and between both my schedule + my sisters schedule & activities for the kids it just hadn’t happened.. until today! I knew I was staying put this weekend, no travels or anything, so I asked my sister earlier in the week if Sunday would be a good day to take my nephew, Gabriel, to the park. 

I can’t tell you how long its been since I’ve 1) been to Carowinds 2) ridden a rollercoaster but I’m thinking its somewhere around the 10 year mark. We kicked off our 6 hour day of thrills with The Fury. Fury’s first drop is 325 ft. and basically straight down. The coaster goes 95mph and runs for 3+ minutes. Holy heart in my stomach!!! We rode The Fury 4x and when Gabriel wanted to go a 5th I just couldn’t go again. lol I could literally feel my head rattling. The park was slow and we got so much in, all over the park. We rode the After Burn 6x and the boat that flips ya all around & upside down 4x. It was such a great day and I’ve written this before, but I love the fact that I am so close to my family and able to have days like today. Never take them for granted. <3

Much Love, 

stop into Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt. First timer over here…they had some great flavors and a ton of gluten free/dairy free options. I found a strawberry sorbet & a french vanilla. So yum! and much needed on such a hot day…

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