The Colour: Red

The Colour Red - Lauren Schwaiger - Style

When I walked into the Sale room in Madewell & spotted this sweet little number I pretty much knew she was going home with me. Red is a color I seem to always be attracted to so this throw-on-and-go mod dress + this red (with gold detail!) = no brainer. LOVE! This dress will no doubt be on repeat all summer long.

I realized a while back just how much red stuff I have around me..clothes, sneaks, my iPad cover, BKR bottle, red yoga pants, even my headphones are red. And let’s not forget a bold red lip – its always fun to rock some red lips for a night out! Without even thinking about it, I seem to always be drawn to the color red in a variety of ways & hues. The psychology behind the color Red is pretty neat and speaks to me and my true nature. After reading the traits associated with the color Red, it makes perfect sense that I always seem to wind up with more red things in my life.

What is color psychology? It is the explanation of how colors affect our emotions, our moods, our health, our well being, our energy, our mind and our spiritual awareness at both a conscious and subconscious level.

A few fun facts about this sexy & powerful color:

Red Color Psychology:
– energy, passion, action, strength and excitement
– warm & positive color
– love & passion
– stimulates appetite (Side Note: the color red, as well as orange & yellow, is used in labels/brands/marketing of most junk food & fast food joints. i.e.: Doritos, Cheetos, Burger King, Bojangles, McDonalds, etc… Stay away! 😉
Personality: action oriented with a deep need for physical fulfillment and to experience life through the five senses. (this is so crazy true – the physical part is no secret to you guys, and I am an incredibly sensory person)
In Business: action, power, energy, motivating, stimulating, exciting, confidant, to name a few…

Is there a color that seems to unconsciously make its way into your life – whether it be thru clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor, whatever…?? Check out the traits of your favorite color here and see if it links up with your personality.  You can even read up on a color you dislike which could be an indication of an area of your life that could perhaps use a little extra love & attention.  Pretty cool stuff… you might just learn something new about yourself! 😉

Madewell Shiftdress - Lauren Schwaiger - Style

Ann Taylor Clutch - Summer Style - Lauren Schwaiger

Lauren Schwaiger - Casual Summer Style

Madewell - Red Shiftdress - Lauren Schwaiger

BKR Bottle - Lauren Schwaiger

LOVE my BKR & pretty much carry it with me at. all. times. Carry a water bottle with you on the reg to get in the habit of drinking more water. Dehydration is nothing to mess around with especially now, during these hot & humid summer months. BKR bottles are made of glass so you don’t have to worry about scary chemicals from plastics creepin’ in your H2O. Yikes!! If your going to drink out of plastics, please please make sure they are BPA FREE!

BKR Bottle - Lauren Schwaiger

Lauren Schwaiger - BKR Bottle

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses - Lauren Schwaiger - Style

Bracelets - Lauren Schwaiger - Style

Lauren Schwaiger

Seychelles - Leopard Sandals

Lauren Schwaiger - Madewell - Casual Style

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for poppin’ in! xx

Much Love, LS

Dress: Madewell (on sale!!)
Sandals: Seychelles (on sale – 50% off!)
Necklace: Ann Taylor (similar here)
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo

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