The Perfect Pre-Workout Salad

Happy Mid-Week, loves! Hoping your having a fab week so far!
After I got home from work, late Monday afternoon, my boyfriend and I had plans to mix it up and do a fun outdoor workout together! He’s so sweet & awesome, always coming to yoga with me or working out in the gym, but he’s a runner & soccer player from way back so getting outdoors is what he loves & enjoys most! I thought it would be fun to get on his playing field, so to speak & take it outside with him! I was pretty hungry when I got in but we were heading out, straight away, so I wanted to eat something lite & energizing, not something that I would feel sitting in my stomach. 

Timing your pre-workout snack/meal is important and makes the difference between pushing thru or pooping out! With that being said, meal timing can be a bit tricky, depending on your work/life schedule. Some days I have clients come to me starving because they’ve had a crazy day of meetings and didn’t have a chance to eat and other days they ate too much, too close to our scheduled session and lets just say this doesn’t sit so well in the tummy. 

For me, I prefer something simple & lite like this Baby Kale, Strawberry & Roasted Turkey Salad.
Its the perfect mix of Something Green x Something Lean + a bit of carbs & natural sugars from the strawberries! This little salad is satisfying, delicious and simply dressed with olive oil + a pinch of himalayan salt & pepper. 

The Perfect Pre-Workout Salad

Large Handful Organic Baby Kale or Greens of your choice
Organic Roasted Turkey Breast. 2-3 Slices (I got mine from Whole Foods)
About 5 Strawberries, sliced
generous drizzle of Olive Oil + Himalayan Salt & Pepper

For this particular day & workout, this salad was the perfect meal to get me through my workout! Depending on just how hard my workout is that day, I’ll save the carbs for my post-workout/recovery meal, eating a complex, blood-sugar-stablizing carb like naturally steamed sweet potato or quinoa.

There are many theories floating around in the fitness world about “THE best” pre workout meal…some swear by carbs/carb loading, others think healthy fats, and some say protein. However, keep in mind, your body doesn’t necessarily require the same fuel for a yoga class as it does if your heading out on a run. As always, I believe in listening to your body, tuning in and knowing what makes YOU feel best! The beautiful thing about this Food & Fitness stuff, is that it is unique & individual. What works for me, may / may not work for you. Experiment and figure out what works for your body & gives you the most energy to power thru a workout! xx

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  1. June 4, 2015 / 2:02 am

    thank you for taking the photo of me and my friends tonight outside the Ethopian Restaurant 🙂 Lovely blog. I have bookmarked it …

    • Lauren Schwaiger
      June 4, 2015 / 2:38 am

      aw, your so welcome! Thanks for bookmarking! Hope you had a lovely night! xo

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