The Perfect Waves via Mary Ellen Skye

My hair has always had 2 styles: straight or its natural, wild-state-of-curl. Which after 30 years, I have finally learned to embrace and even love the crazy curliness. (more on this to come)
With that being said, up until just a few weeks ago, to say that I’ve been curling-iron-challenged would no doubt be quite the understatement. That is until I discovered this fabulous & simple How To vid via Mary Ellen Sky, the enchanting blogger behind Sunday’s Pearl
I first discovered Mary Ellen on Instagram, of course. 

 I love this chic’s cool, laid back style & vibe
 Her How to Get My Waves tutorial is fool proof for anyone who shares my curling-iron-woe’s.

There’s just something about wearing your hair in these loose waves that make you feel oh-so pretty & feminine — its kinda the only way I want to wear my hair right now. LOVE!
For all your girls who have been wanting to achieve this look that I think we all love & adore, I hope this helps! xx

P.S. I had a little date in the mirror with my curling iron + iPad to watch the How To vid a few times through. Just keep practicing to get this look just-so. 

Much Love,  

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