Hello & Happy Monday, loves! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!
How awesome is this Nike Graphic Tank!?

I just love motivational quotes & phrases – they can make you happy, give you a kick in the ass, make you contemplate life, inspire an adventure, strike an emotional nerve….they are pretty powerful! I totally love this “THERE IS NO FINISH LINE” Tank because its SO true!! Your health & fitness is this ever evolving journey…
whether your just starting out or you’ve been training for years like me, this short & sweet little statement can have its own meaning to every one.
Now that I’m in my 30’s (what!? how did that happen!?) my fitness, my workouts, how my body recovers, all of that…has already changed so much (!!!) from my teens to my 20’s. There are things that I can’t do that I once could but I’m also stronger, in many ways, than I was years ago. There are forms of movement I’ve introduced to my training that I never did in my early 20’s – yoga, mainly – that has improved my performance so much. When I was younger I used to hit the gym, never stretch, never foam roll and do it all over again. Now, I can’t imagine not stretching, not foam rolling, not taking a yoga class in place of the gym 1-2 days a week.

Wherever you are on your journey to healthy living, always be kind to yourself, love your body, think positive thoughts, find a balance that works & feels good to you, and remember there really is no finish line.

All you can do, is wake up every single day and make the commitment to improving YOU. Do something every day to be a better, stronger, healthier, happier, calmer, version of you than you were the day before.

Much Love, Health & Happiness

I’ve linked a few of my current favorite Nike graphic tanks below, including the one I’m wearing here!

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