Tighten Up Tuesday

Hello Hi Fit Babes!
Ahh,  so sorry to have missed Motivation Monday yesterday but this week is off to a busy bee start. Hoping the last couple days have treated you well. So to quickly catch you up to speed on workouts + clean eats thus far…

Monday: Legs + Shoulders Circuit
Tuesday: 50 minutes power walking – alternating high/low inclines + lots of stretching & foam rolling. My legs aren’t crazy sore from yesterday’s circuit, but super tight and needed some love.

Strong Sexy Legs & Shoulders

LS FitTips:
– I moved thru this circuit barefoot (except for the walks, of course). I love (LOVE!) to train barefoot. You can connect to your feet/legs better this way and it truly does work your muscles differently. I definitely rec trying this out! 😉

Stability Ball Glute/Ham Raises: I held/squeezed a pilates ball between my thighs to get the inner thighs involved – really ups the burn factor. Every time you lift the hips up – squeeze the hell outta that ball between your knees along with contracting glutes & hamstrings. Push up thru yours heels.
Side lying leg raises: Use a resistance band around the ankles/calves for added resistance
Squat + Shoulder Press: Lift as heavy as you can with good form. This really gets the core involved in this unilateral press.

Clean Eats

Banna Chia Oatmeal + Pecans

Kicked off Monday morning with this yummy bowl of Oatmeal…
1/4 Cup Gluten Free Oats | 1 TBSN Chia Seeds | 1 Super Ripe & Yummy Banana
| Raw Pecans | Cinnamon + Nutmeg

Banana Celery Green Smoothie

energy greens green smoothie

energy greens | banana | 1 stalk celery | chunk fresh ginger | ground flax | 
cayenne pepper | splash almond milk + water & ice 
aaaand the green smoothie just wasn’t gonna cut it…needed something with a little more substance

Brown + Black Rice mix

 delish combi of black + brown rice & 1/2 avo on top

Veggie Scramble

Veggie Scramble Brek for Din – my fave!!
3 eggs | spinach | mushrooms | banana peppers | topped with avo + grape tomatoes

Banana + Blueberries Green Smoothie

Not so green, green smoothie due to blueberries for brek this morning. Heaping spoon of chia seeds to keep me full a bit longer

SUJA Juice - Purify

Juice me! <3 one of my faves!
So, today, I was in a super hurry –  literally ran into Earth Fare, snagged this off the shelf and ran out. But, ever since this total sweetie workin’ the juice bar stopped me as I was checking out with a Suja Juice in hand, and said “you know I can make that exact same juice for you, but cheaper”?? uhmm, yes plz!! I’ve been ordering up pretty much this exact same concoction which costs about $3 less and let me tell you….that $3 really starts to add up. Gah, I have the most expensive habits. But…all in the name of good health – it’s worth it, no? Oui.

Rush Espresso - Tuna Salad

 and ya know, back at Rush (again)
Tried out their tuna salad for the first time today. pretty good actually – not to mayonnaisey. But I think I’ll stick to their chicken salad options from now on.

Brat + Sauerkraut

Brat + Sauerkraut for din tonight. uhmm, that’s a BIG brat. hah

PS: Both yesterday & today’s midi snack was a hard boiled egg + apple + raw almonds & dried apricots.

I need to get a little bit more work done before hittin’ the sheets.

G’night & much love – xx

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