Time & Silence..

I couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Ford….
Gearing up for a crazy busy week ahead, business as usual – client sessions, writing for the blog + ActivewearUSA, photo shoot AND, excitedly, I start my training to get my Pilates Reformer certification. 80 hours of training over the course of 8 days! Eeeek! I’ve been wanting this cert to go along with PT & Yoga for a year+ now, so when I saw this training starting on the 21st, I decided there is no sense in waiting any longer. 

With all that being said, creating “me time” is an absolute must, and it should be for you, too! There is nothing selfish about carving time out for yourself & will make you a happier, calmer, better person, momma, partner, friend, etc…
My disposition is a quirky combination of being a total social butterfly/outgoing/talk to anyone/super friendly/silly, ya know, all that good stuff….yet, quiet & introspective. The older I get, I seriously value my time alone, especially during hectic days/weeks — without it, I have a tendency to become slightly anxious & agitated. 

A few habits of mine that I enjoy + help get me get through those go-go-go days..

– Move, Breathe, Sweat – 
Do something active everyday. 
There’s no better way to de-stress & elevate your mood than to get a good workout in. Whatever it is that you enjoy…it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Sometimes I enjoy doing nothing more than taking a long walk outside on a beautiful day & listening to my fave tunes. 
You all know by now that I love all forms of exercise, but nothing calms my mind more than yoga. Its just that yoga magic.

– Mornings – 
Oh, how I love my mornings. When I know I have a crazy day ahead, I like to wake a bit earlier just so I have that extra time to do those little morning things I enjoy without feeling rushed. 
Coffee, there is nothing like my coffee in the morning, especially that first, comforting sip. 🙂
Proper breakfast to kick the day off right: This is pretty much one of 3 things:
Eggs & Greens, Green Smoothie or mix of fruits.

– Food to Go –
I try to limit how often I eat out for lunch. Considering what & where I like to eat – Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Dean & Deluca…this seriously adds up!! Yikes. Planning ahead and traveling with food is another one of those musts. Some of my fave foods to take along with me…
Fruit: Apple, Banana or Berries
Homemade Trail Mix: Raw, Unsalted Sunflower Seeds, Pepitas, Goji Berries, Mulberry Berries, Almonds, Walnuts. These are all really yummy options to throw together in a ziplock baggie & take with.
– Hard Boiled Eggs, Grilled Chicken, Hummus
Juice: If there’s a good sale on Juice (i.e., Suja, Blueprint) I’ll stock up so I can take one with…
H2O: I am never without a big bottle of water to keep refilling throughout the day

– Quiet Time –
There are a lot of days where traveling between sessions is the only quiet time I get during the day. A while back, it occurred to me that I sometimes drive in silence. No phone calls, no music, niente. Just me & my thoughts for 20-30 minutes. 
Try it 😉

Wishing everyone a Happy Sunday & a wonderful week head. xx
Much Love, 


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