Top 5 Style Steals from The Hottest Celebrities of 2016!

When it comes to getting on the latest trends and expanding your wardrobe, it can be hard to branch out and leave your comfort zone without seeing evidence that the trends will look good on you! No one garment will suit everyone, there are many factors to consider when choosing an outfit that go way beyond the garment itself. A great way to see if a trend will suit your body type is to see what celebrities with a similar body shape are wearing. As celebrities are very much in the public eye, a great deal of research and time goes into creating the perfect outfits – even for a dressed down day of shopping! 


Keep reading to discover fashion expert Suzanne Bernie’s top 5 style steals from the hottest celebrities of 2016!

Emilia Clarke


When I saw that Emilia Clarke had posted this photo on Instagram I was blown away! Not only was I a little jealous that Emilia got to pose with two of the most famous men on the movie scene right now, but I absolutely love this strappy dress and choppy hair combo. Perfect for a summer evening out with friends but not too dressy that you can’t wear it as part of your everyday style. The subtle blue hues are a refreshing change for a summer dress. Emilia’s street style is (thankfully!) very different to her character Louisa Clark’s in Me Before You. Her new choppy hair style looks edgy and fabulous!

Margo Robbie


Although having starred in the popular film Wolf of Wall Street, it was Margot’s recent role in Suicide Squad that has got everyone talking! Despite being very different from her on screen character Harley Quinn, the similarities in terms of making daring fashion choices are very noticeable. Margot is currently the ‘it’ girl in Hollywood and everyone is watching and waiting to see what she does next, especially what outfits she’ll rock next! Margot has made this monochrome look effortlessly stylish and the high waistline makes her legs look even longer. This monochrome outfit is especially well put together as there is no one dominant colour; there are equal amounts of both white and black which pulls the outfit together and makes it an overall flattering outfit. Why not mix up your office wear and incorporate this into your daily outfits?

Cara Delevingne

As well as being a very well-known model with an impressive portfolio at such a young age, Cara Delevingne has also recently starred in Suicide Squad alongside Margot Robbie as Enchantress. Not her first acting role but definitely a role that will define the future of her acting career as her character is already well loved by Marvel fans. Cara’s off duty fashion is very versatile and I love how she inserts her laid back personality into many of her outfits whilst still looking super stylish. This gorgeous blue ensemble is very unusual for Cara, the mixture of lace and silk trousers with the patent shoes is stunning and perfect for a date night or even a wedding if you’re daring enough!

Jennifer Lawrence


When Jennifer Lawrence was spotted at London’s Tape Club I was instantly awestruck at how perfect this outfit is for her body shape. The high waisted skirt is extremely flattering for her figure and shows off her envious curves as well as elongating her slender legs. Since shooting to fame, Jennifer’s outfits have been intriguing and very wearable. Floral skirts are a wardrobe must have and can be worn all year round, with brighter florals in spring and darker plum shades in fall.

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is a celebrity that is always in the press not only for her music and love life, but for her ever-changing style that has evolved so much since she first became popular for her country music. One of her latest outings in New York saw her rocking a true 90’s look with her natural curly hair making an appearance, as well as a very 90’s denim dungaree dress! I love her laid back look and think it is perfect for a day out in the summer heat.


Suzanne Bernie is the founder and Managing Director of Coathanger. Based in one of the fashion capitals of the World, London; Suzanne is a personal stylist who works with individuals and businesses that want to reinvent their look, get out of a rut and expand their fashion horizons. With over 21 years of experience in the fashion industry and having founded Coathanger in 2002, Suzanne and her team of personal stylist’s aim to help people to step out of their comfort zones and develop a whole new outlook on the role fashion plays in our everyday lives.

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