Tropical Holiday: Feel-Good Bikini Tips

Still holding onto this golden brown, sun-kissed skin I worked so hard for on my amazing trip to  Aruba last week, I want to share with you my tips for staying bloat-free (well, almost) & looking and feeling your best in that bikini! 

Considering the amount of hours spent frolicking about in a teeny bikini – all day, everyday – feeling bloated, self conscious, uncomfortable or like you need to reach for a coverup and hide is no way to enjoy a tropical holiday.

Whenever I’m traveling, I always do my best to stay as close to my regular routine as possible. I enjoy myself within moderation but, I genuinely LOVE eating healthy & working out. It is my lifestyle…I take it with me wherever I go. 🙂 

Here, my tips for a rockin’  bikini body:

Rise & Shine.
Every morning, I rolled over to dail up room service & order Warm Water + Lemon, Coffee & Fruit Plate. Which is a pretty standard morning at home, too.
First, warm water + lemon to cleanse & detox (before you retox). 

Sweat Every Day.
wake up & knock it out! Before the day’s fun & festivities get started – and the excuses – Just Do It! 😉 The sun is draining and chances are, you’ll be having afternoon cocktails. You can soak up the sun & fun knowing you’ve already gotten in a good sweat sesh without having to worry about it later. 

Keep the premixed, super sugary, fake, frozen drinks to a (bare) minimum. I know how amazing they taste. Piña Colada? Oh yes! I sure do love ’em. However, I love my abs more! haha
I had one PC to officially kick off the trip and called it a day. 
So what did I drink?
– My cocktails of choice, whether at home or on holiday: wine, champagne, vodka/water + lemon. Too hot for wine, I stuck with the other 2 options.
LS Dirty Banana: so frozen drinks are really amazing, I won’t deny that! But, I don’t care for all the sugar, syrups & artificial crap that comes with. So, here I give you LS Dirty Banana. Or at least that’s what I’m calling it…
1) I apologize now for the rambling. 2) I would like to preface this with don’t be afraid to ask for something or be a little high maintenance.  I think a lot of people are so afraid to simply ask for things in life. Moving on…when your healthy, eat clean and care about what you put in your body…its okay to be a little high maintenance. When eating out, I’m constantly modifying dishes and asking for things like no butter, no salt, dressing on the side, add this/take that off, etc… just always be appreciative, say a million please & thank you’s and leave a generous tip! 😉 
So I noticed whole bananas at the pool bar and right away asked for & concocted this healthy version of a frozen drink. 
– 1 banana
– Bacardi Rum
– Splash of water & ice 
A couple times, I even walked myself on over to the buffet and gathered up a punch of papaya & pineapple to throw in the blender with the bacardi & ice. So delicious without all the fake crap. 

Alcohol or Dessert? Pick one.
If I’m going to eat dessert, it really needs to be worth my calories. Honestly, the food at our resort, the Riu Palace, wasn’t anything to write home about. I had zero desire to eat any of the desserts served. On our last night in Aruba, I got really crazy and had 2 mudslides.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. 
Drink plenty of water all day long. Keep squeezing that lemon in, too! 
It was Hot Hot Hot in Aruba but the winds were blowing at 25-30mph, which means you don’t feel the heat AND you don’t realize your actually sweating. Dehydration is a good way to bring on the bloat, and even worse – no poop for you! Yikes. 2 things that are certainly not your friend while running around in a bikini.

Eat Your Water.
Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Cucumbers, Iceberg Lettuce, Spinach, Celery, Berries, all have a high water content to help keep you hydrated & keep you full longer. I loaded up on all the above everyday. 

Hope you find these tidbits helpful on your next beach getaway or to use everyday! xx

Much Love, 

First day beach workout.. felt SO good!
Ran about 1 mi down the beach
Stopped to do this circuit: 3 rounds of everything 
– 10 reps Jumping Lunges (each side)
– Push Ups: 15x 
– Mountain Climbers: 25x (each side)
– Burpees: 10x
Now run back 😉

super sweaty selfie 

this plate right here, went down 2x, daily
Papaya | Kiwi | Dried Apricots | Grapes | Walnuts

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