Tuesday Recap

Lauren Schwaiger J&W Campus

Hiya dolls! Hope everyone is having an awesome Tuesday and your week is off to a wonderful start! This weather is spectacular, right?! I’ve had a pretty fun and exciting day!Easy day of sessions and a really cool, late morning meeting at Johnson & Wales University with my partner. We had the chance to tour the campus, checkout all the different kitchens that their students rotate thru and then we were served lunch in their dinning room “classroom” – really neat experience. The students spend 9, 6 hour days in each classroom/rotation and we got to experience them in action on their 3rd day, today!  Lunch was absolutely delicious!! We are looking into possibly doing some internships with the students for the new venture my partner and I are working on right now. Still keeping it a little hush hush til all the pieces fall into place a bit more, but can’t wait to share with you all – very exciting times! Quick pic of me at the J&W Campus. I had to quickly change out of the standard Lulu get-up in the bathroom at my clients office before heading to this meeting. Packed something simple, easy and wouldn’t wrinkle….Black leggings, EQUIPMENT button down and my current favorite shoes – Tod’s Orange Loafers for a little pop of color!

Endive & Romaine Salad

I choose this lovely endive & romaine salad with walnuts & beets to start. I was about to ask for some dressing on the side but after I took my first few bites, I decided I didn’t even need it. The lettuces were so incredibly fresh, crisp & crunchy and had such a nice flavor all on their own.

Roasted duck and peaches

For my entree, I had the roasted duck with peaches. Came with a peach sauce as well which I ordered on the side. Served over peas and to-die-for roasted potatoes done in an au gratin style but on the lighter side, sliced paper thin. Beautiful presentation.

Chocolate mousse

Bavarian molds

Bavarian chocolate molds

Ohlala dessert was incredible. Chocolate mousse with raspberries and some type of chocolate brownie/sponge cake underneath. Ate half and then had to push it away! lol Mmmm…too good!

While walking thru the building after lunch, I came across this display case of these amazing chocolate Bavarian molds. These reminded me of my Oma and the chocolates she would get me as a little girl in Austria.

We finished up at J&W about 1ish, I ran some errands which included a pit stop at Whole Foods to grab an almond milk latte and load up on my weekly necessities. Noticed this new type of french, baby greens — Mâche Rosettes by Organic Girl. So naturally, I Googled it right then and there. (I do this a LOT) Here are some of the nutrition facts on Mâche Rosettes…

Mâche Rosettes translation = “Little Sweet One”….adorable — No wonder I was drawn to these!

– Excellent source of Vitamin A and C, Iron, Folic Acid and Zinc
– Good source of dietary fiber, Potassium and Calcium
– Contains more Omega 3 than any leafy green except for purslane. One serving contains more than 50% of your daily RDA

I can’t wait to try these new baby greens in my smoothies & salads this week! Also picked up another container of the Organic Girl Super Greens mix that I first tried a couple weeks ago and totally loved.

Almond Milk Latte

Whole Foods Almond Milk latte. Hold the foam. The large calls for 4 shot of espresso ….woah!! I only get 2. 4 is just WAY TOO much caffeine at one time. Sprinkled  in cinnamon & cocoa. No sugar.

Whole Foods Shopping Card

Loaded up on my greens, almond milk,  more gogi berries and raw cacao for smoothies & oatmeal and such.

Dropped my groceries at home and then headed to my chiro appointment with Dr. Brad. Desperately needed to see him. Didn’t get my appointment in last week because of travel AND I’m guessing the always pleasant plane ride home left me a little locked up in my left shoulder blade/rhomboid area. No fun. Had a couple more clients after my appointment and then off to the gym to workout.

50 minutes of cardio split between the bike (15), Precore AMT (15) and the Beast (20) followed by a quick circuit of barbell chest press, tricep dips and reverse flys.

Sooo…that sums up my day. Hope yours was amazing! Can you believe we are already half way through October?! Totally crazy. Hope you are making it a great month so far and making time to do the things that make you happy & bring joy to your life.

Much Love,



  1. October 16, 2013 / 1:06 am

    1) your orange loafers are fab2) totally envious of your trip to johnson & whales and your lunch. yum!

    • Lauren Schwaiger
      October 17, 2013 / 10:55 pm

      Thanks, Jen!! You would have LOVED it!! Really cool, unique experience.

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