Tuesday Tidings

Hey Hey. Hope you guys had a Happy Tuesday.
I woke up with a terrible awful sore throat this morning. For me, this is ALWAYS the first sign/symptom of worse to come. Made it a good day despite continuing to feel worse & worse as the day went on. This meant no workout (errrrr!!) in an effort to baby this oncoming cold in hopes that I will wake up feeling better in the morning. I’m admittedly the biggest baby when sick and cannot stand feeling so terrible, but, most of all, just that lack of energy…ugh! kills me.

Fruit Bowl

Breakfast was this bowl of Apple & Orange w/ Gogi & Mulberry Berries, Cinnamon & crushed pecans + 2 eggs scrambled (cooked in Coconut Oil)

Gingerbread Man

Midi – Beheaded this Gingerbread Man and washed him down with this…

Dark Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie that resembled the taste of…grass. Baby Kale Mixture, Banana, Kiwi, Spirulina..


Plus Chicken in the car on the way to a session.

Sparing my yogis, I got a sub for my class tonight so I didn’t spread the love and make anyone else sick– especially right before Christmas. That just wouldn’t be cool! I’ve totally picked up a cold from someone who’s come into the yoga studio sick before and I think this is so incredibly rude.

Met up with my family at South Park late afternoon for an early dinner & more importantly, to see my niece & nephew get their visit with Santa in. Felt like complete crap but wouldn’t miss this for the world.

LS + Sydney Bug

With my sweet Sydney Bug.

Grilled Salmon & Asparagus

Grilled Salmon & Asparagus for dinner at Maggiano’s. Also ate 2 stuffed mushrooms + a few bites of calamari (couldn’t resist!)

Schlepped around the mall for a little to get some Christmas shopping done so I won’t be stuck with all the other procrastinators this weekend.

Echinacea + Elderberry Syrup

Echinacea + Elderberry Syrup.
Swung by Whole Foods on my way home to pick up this combination. Usually knocks a cold right outta me.


OOTD - Lulu + Anthro

Feelin’ sick but still cute & festive in this fun outfit today! Picked up this new scarf  from Anthro a couple weeks ago and so love it.
Pants & Red Pullover: LuluLemon Black Puffer Vest: Gap Scarf: Anthropologie Sunnies: Nordstroms ($10 and so fun)

Now to bed…x

Much Love,







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