Tuesday Tidings

Hello Hello dolls.
Quick post to fill you in on my Tuesday and then I’m off to bed in hopes of getting rid of this awful headache, that came on out of nowhere. Had a great day, despite the super cold & non-stop rainy day we had. Pretty light day of clients + an amazing boxing sesh this afternoon, which always gets me pumped! I was completely smoked after my workout today — I felt so good, energy was thru the roof and my speed & footwork felt all Jack be Nimble. Good stuff…definitely an “on” day. Was supposed to have a 2pm meeting that got cancelled so I was able to come home, unhurried and cooked up my very first savory oatmeal vs. always making some kind of sweet bowl of oats that I usually share with you. This was the perfect recovery meal after my workout.

Spinach, Banana + Berries Smoothie

Spinach | Banana | Frozen Mixed Berries | Hemp Seeds | Maca Powder | Cacao Powder| Cinnamon | Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

Spinach & Berries Smoothie

Maca Powder

I haven’t used my Maca Powder for a little while and weeee….I was flyin’ around all morning. So. Much. Energy.

Quinoa + Jalepeno Verde Salsa

Pre Boxing Fuel: Quinoa w/ my fave salsa + large Gala Apple
This gave me so much energy to get thru my workout. Some days, its really hard to time my food with my workouts depending on how my day pans out with clients. Occasionally, I’m either too full or didn’t get enough food to give me that sustained energy to help me push thru my workout — especially a killer boxing session.

Savory Oatmeal - laurenschwaiger.com

Savory Oatmeal: Spinach | Onion | Mushrooms | Sun dried Tomatoes | Pine Nuts

Earth Fare Run

Popped into Earth Fare this afternoon to stock up on some necessities — power greens, berries & oatmeal. Frozen Cherries…Make for a seriously delicious smoothie.


Multi-Green KOMBUCHA

Dinner tonight was a going away get together for one of my best friends. Homemade Habachi. No noodles or rice for me, just protein & veggies. Came home and ate this fruit + cacao nibs for dessert.

Strawberries, Oranges, Cacao Nibs

Strawberries | Oranges | Pecans | Cacao Nibs

Boxing - Lauren Schwaiger

Boxing Workout: 3 minute rounds, 30 seconds rest
Shadow Boxing: 3 rounds
Noodles: (yes. Noodles) 4 rounds
Speed & Power on BOSU: 1 round
Front to Back Drills: 1 round
Mitt Work: 3 rounds

Noodles: literally hitting the same noodles that you float around the pool with. Really awesome, new twist my coach added to my training about 6 weeks ago that’s really helping my defense. He nails me with the noodles and it doesn’t hurt a bit. Kinda funny to watch. Will get a vid for you guys soon!
BOSU Ball: this is like a moving target/heavy bag…another fun drill that gets me working hard. –Front to Back Drill: Footwork/agility drill combined with punching – really cardio intense. One of my faves.

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